10 Best Torrent Search Engine Websites

Torrent Search Sites
Torrent Search Sites


Torrent is a file of a few kilobytes that contains the metadata to download files over Torrent networks. Torrent clients can read this file. There are tons of torrent sites where you can search for torrents but not all are safe to use. There are many torrent sites that may actually serve malware. So, it is important to know what torrent site is safe to use. After the crackdown on several torrents hosting sites, several torrent websites have now become torrent search engines to be on the safe sites. These sites claim that they don’t host torrents but provide a way to find torrents hosted on other torrent sites.

Is torrent legal?

A lot of people think that the use of torrent is illegal. But it is not. BitTorrent (or torrents) is a file transfer protocol that lets users share large files in fast efficiently. It is not illegal to use torrent or torrent websites. Illegal is the use of torrent for downloading copyrighted material. While most people use torrents to download movies, cracked software, TV shows and songs, Torrenting has a bad reparation.

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Before you use any of the websites, you must understand that we are Techlomedia do not encourage people to do any illegal activity. We do not support the use of torrent to download copyrighted content. It is illegal and you may find yourself into trouble. It is better to understand your local laws. We are serving this list for educational purposes.

If you are thinking to use Torrent for downloading movies or songs illegally, you must know that other peers can see your IP address. Now a lot of production houses and record companies hire people to report these IP addresses that are downloading content illegally to law enforcement agencies.

Best Torrent Search Engines

1. Torrentz2


Torrentz.eu is one of the best torrent search engines you can use to download torrent files. It is a meta-search engine or aggregator. It doesn’t host any file or torrent, but it lets you search torrents available on other torrent hosting websites similar to what Google doesn’t. When you search for something, results are generated from 61 million torrents and 90+ torrent sites. So, you are most likely to get what you are looking for.

Torrentz2 is an alternative to originally Torrentz that became offline a few months back. Torrentz2 is the exact clone of Torrentz.

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2. Torrents.io

Torrents.io: Best Torrent sites

Torrents.io is also a similar torrent search engine website that lets you find torrents. When you open this website, it shows search trends for popular queries. So, you know what’s hot on the BitTorrent network. You can search by keyword and sort search results by date or relevance. The UI of the website is clean. Torrents are divided into different categories. It claims to provide results from over 600 torrent websites. The good thing is that the site doesn’t come with annoying ads.

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3. Toorgle

Toorgle: Torrent search websites

Toorgle is a Google powered torrent search engine to look for torrent files. It uses Google custom search to search over 450+ torrent websites and provide results. This website is light in weight and provides relevant results. This website also lets you sort results by relevance or date. It looks outdated but is capable of doing what is claims.

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4. TorrentSeeker


TorrentSeeker also uses Google custom search to provide results from over 100 torrent sites including Pirate Bay, Extratorrent, RARBG, 1337x, Zooqle, Kickass Torrents, and several unblocked torrent proxy sites. This website claims to keep adding more good torrent sites on the search list. The website has good and simple UI and search results are similar to what we see in Toorgle.

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5. Veoble


Veoble: Torrent search websiteVeoble is also a popular torrent search website and it also uses Google custom search to look for torrents from popular torrent sites. It has a dark theme that looks good. This website also offers an image search powered by Google. If you are looking for a good torrent search site, you should also try this one.

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XTORX: Torrent search sites

XTORX is also one of the best torrent search engines to try. It relies on reputable websites to show you results. XTORX does not ads, so the user experience is good. It finds torrents from reliable torrent search sites. Just search for anything you need to look for and it will show you search results instantly.

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7. Snowfl

Snowfl: Torrent search sites

Snowfl is also a good torrent aggregator website that searches torrents from several reliable torrent sites. It comes with a minimal interface and offers a night mode to give your eyes a comfort. The torrent search site provides results from sites like Rarbg, Pirate Bay, etc. You can sort results by seed, leech, size or age. There’s also a .onion link if you want to access the torrent search engine on the Tor network.

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8. Torrent-paradise

Torrent-paradise: Torrent search websites

Torrent-paradise comes with a clean and distraction-free user interface. It has an index size of over 1138000 torrents. This website has ads but doesn’t interrupt your experience. The website is based on source code from ipfsearch and it never keeps any log of your searches. New torrents are discovered via DHT and are added on its database automatically. Source code is also available on GitHub.

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9. Torrentzeta

Torrentzeta: Torrent website

Torrentzeta is also a good torrent search engine site that searches torrents from different torrent sites. It has millions of torrents in its database. The website has a clean interface and lets you look for torrents of anything. Along with regular results, It also shows a few sponsored entries at the top. So, you need to understand this while clicking on any of the search results.

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10. Torrenter

Torrenter: Torrent search sites

Torrenter is also a good torrent search website that uses Google custom search for searching torrents. It has a huge database of torrents to search from. There’s also a Goole chrome extension of this torrent search site to quickly search torrents.

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Final Words

This is a big list of best torrent search websites for finding torrents. If you were looking for a reliable and safe torrent site, this list is here to help you. Most of the people still look for The Pirate Bay but this website keeps moving on new domains in a few weeks or months. So, it hard to know each new domain when it moves. You can use this page to know about good and running torrent search engines. So, bookmark this page if you regularly use torrent. I also recommend you to use a VPN when you are using Torrent.

You can use any of these torrent sites to search for torrents. I will keep updating this list to remove the closed sites and add more good torrent search sites. You can also recommend a site by using the comments section or contact form.