5 Best USB-C Hubs For Macbook

Best USB-C Hubs

New Macbook laptops just come with USB C ports. So, you cannot connect USB-A flash drives, SD cards, or LAN. Now what if you want to transfer photos from an SD card to your laptop or connect a pen drive, you need an adapter. This is the reason, USB-C hubs exist that bring multiple ports to Macbooks. You can connect USB-C hubs to your MacBook and then you have several other types of ports on your Macbook. If you are not sure what USB-C hub you can buy, here is the list of best USB-C hubs for MacBooks. I have included 5 different USB-C hubs of different segments.

These hubs are made to make your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air more versatile. So you get different ports and use all those ports without compromising charging. The only thing is that you need to carry these Hubs with your laptops in your backpack.

Best USB-C Hubs For Macbook

Best USB-C HubPriceBuy Here
Belkin USB-C Multimedia HubRs. 6399Buy Here
Cadyce USB-C Enhanced Travel Docking StationRs. 5999Buy Here
OneAudio USB C HubRs. 2499Buy Here
Amazon Basics 7-in-2 USB-C HubRs. 2999Buy Here
Portronics Mport 52Rs. 1626Buy Here

1. Belkin USB-C Multimedia Hub

Belkin USB-C Multimedia Hub for Macbook

Belkin USB-C Multimedia Hub is the best USB-C hub you can consider if your budget is no issue. The reason for putting it at the top is that it brings all the ports you wish to have. Along with 1 USB C port and 2 x USB-A ports, it also brings 1 HDMO, 1 Ethernet, and 1 SD card port. The HDMI port supports 4K 30Hz output. So, you can connect hard drives, monitors, projectors, mouse, keyboard, SD cards, and LAN to your MacBook that just comes with a USB C port. The USB-C port supports pass-through power, so you can charge your laptop using the USB-C port of this hub. It is portable, so you can carry it with your Macbook.

Belkin is a known brand offering accessories for Apple products. This product also comes with 2 years of warranty.

Price: Rs. 8369

Buy Here: Amazon

2. Cadyce USB-C Enhanced Travel Docking Station

This is another interesting docking station that adds several other ports to MacBook. It connects to the Thunderbolt port of your MacBook and adds HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet, microSD and SD card slots, 3.5mm stereo port, USB-C charging, and three USB 3.0 ports. You just need to connect the dock to the USB Type-C port of your MacBook. The doc has a minimalistic design and can keep you more productive.

Price: Rs. 5999

Buy Here: Amazon

3. OneAudio 7-in-1 USB C Hub

OneAudio 7-in-1 USB C Hub

OneAudio USB C Hub is also a 7-in-1 USB C hub but with a cheaper price tag. This USB-C hub for MacBook comes with 1 x Thunderbolt 3. 1 x USB C port, 2 x USB A port, 1 x SD card slot, 1 X microSD card slot, and 1 x HDMI port. HDMI port supports up to 4K @ 30Hz and Thunderbolt 3 supports up to 5K @ 60Hz or two 4K @ 60Hz displays. It supports pass-through charging of up to 100W on supported models.

It has two USB-C ports at one end that are designed for a snug fit. So it won’t hang around and you can easily use the laptop in any way. This hub is also compact and portable.

Price: Rs. 2499

Buy Here: Amazon

4. Amazon Basics 7-in-2 USB-C Hub

Amazon Basics 7-in-2 USB-C Hub

Amazon Basics 7-in-2 USB-C Hub is also a good option for MacBook users. It supports charging power up to 100W and data transfer up to 40 Gb/s. You can also add a media display at resolutions up to 5K using this hub. It features 1 USB-C data port, 2 USB-A ports, 1 HDMI port, 1 SD card slot, and 1 microSD card slot. The HDMI port supports a resolution of 4K@30Hz while the multi-function port supports 5K@60Hz. You can use it to connect to both HDMI port and multi-function port across 2 displays.

Price: Rs. 1299

Buy Here: Amazon

5. Portronics Mport 52 7-in-1 Type C Hub

Portronics Mport 52 7-in-1 Type C Hub

This is a 7-in-1 hub but I am putting it at the bottom because of its design. It has a wire and will be hanging around your laptop and will surely make you comfortable when you are using a laptop on your bed. It allows 4K Ultra HD data packets to transfer from one device to another. The device has both TF and SD card slots. It also has a USB-C port, two USB ports, and a USB-C with PD quick charge.

Not just MacBook, it also supports Windows laptops. So, you can also use it with several other laptops. This USB-C hub comes with 1 year of warranty.

Price: Rs. 1626

Buy Here: Amazon

Final Words

In this list, I have added 5 different USB-C hubs for MacBook. If you just bought any of the latest Macbook laptops or planning to buy one, you can buy any of these USB-C hubs. So, you can add a pen drive, external storage, monitor, TV, LAN cable, SD card, or microSD card even if your laptop just features a USB-C port. I have also included prices and links to buy. All these USB-C hubs are from known brands offering a warranty. So, you don’t need to worry about after-sales services.

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