4 Best IP Address Grabber Tools: IP Grabbers or IP Loggers

IP Grabbers or IP Loggers

IP Logger or IP Grabber is the service that helps you collect the IP addresses of people. IP grabbers help you in knowing the IP address of someone. If you have the IP address, you can find out the approximate location on the internet. Some good IP grabbers or IP trackers also tell you more data such as browser, system OS, ISP, and location. You can then use any IP analyzer tool such as Angry IP Scanner to find out more details.

What is an IP address?

An IP address is the numerical address of a device connected to the internet using Internet protocol. Each connected device gets a unique IP address. The IP addresses are responsible for the communication of two devices over internet protocol. There are two kinds of IP addresses: IPv4 and IPv6. The primary difference is that IPv4 uses 32 binary bits and IPv6 uses 128 binary bits. Most devices still use IPv4.

As I said, the IP address is the internet address of a device connected to the internet. So, it can also be used to locate the device.

IP address doesn’t reveal personal information. If a person gets your IP address, he won’t get your personal information like name, physical address, or anything that directly links to you. So, you also cannot track someone if you get the IP address. You will only get an idea of the area where this IP address could be active.

What are the IP Grabbers?

IP grabbers are the services that help you in getting the IP address of a user. For example, you want to know the IP address of someone who is talking on WhatsApp. You can use the IP grabber to find out the IP address and then use the IP address to have an idea of the location. Malicious users also use IP grabbers to perform DoS attacks. I have seen this in the gaming community. You can use the IP address to perform a DDoS attack on someone’s system and interrupt his gaming. There could be several other reasons why you may be interested in getting the IP address.

The accuracy of these tools depends on various factors, such as the type of tool used, the quality of the software, the configuration of the network, and the security measures in place. Some of these IP grabber tools may provide accurate results in providing the location of the device.

How Do IP Grabbers Work?

IP Grabbers are basically third-party services that let users detect the IP addresses of other internet users. All you have to get the link click from the target user. IP grabbers use a script to detect the remote IP address of the person who clicks the IP grabber link. The socket module in Python can easily detect the IP address using the gethostbyname() function. PHP has $_SERVER[‘REMOTE_ADDR’] variable to get the IP address. So, any developer can make a script that can capture your IP address as soon as you click the link. They basically make a redirection URL that is shared with other people. Once the link is clicked, it captures the IP address and other information. Then it sends the user to the target link.

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IP grabbers are now used by several malicious people and cybercriminals to get the IP address of victims and then perform cyberattacks. An IP address is the Internet address linked to your device. If someone gets to know your IP address, you can be harmed. Take an example of competitive gaming. If you are playing a competitive game and someone gets your IP address. Performing a DOS attack on your system will get your internet flooded and will affect your gaming experience. You may suffer lag or sometimes the game server will drop you. The IP address can also reveal your geographical location. Cybercriminals can perform attacks on genuine sites by faking your IP address. So, tracking back the attack will lead to you and you will have no clue.

Note: If you want to protect your IP address for privacy reasons, I recommend you start using VPN. I have already written several articles about VPNs.

In this article, I am listing the best IP grabber services. You can use any of these services to log someone’s IP address.

Best IP Grabbers or IP Loggers

1. Grabify IP Logger

grabify IP Logger

Grabify IP Logger is the best online IP grabber that lets you easily find out someone’s IP address. It includes a URL shortener. You just need to enter a URL and short using Grabify. Then share the short URL with the person whose IP address you want to know. Once the other person clicks on the IP grabber link, it will log the IP address and then redirect the other person to the original URL. Another person won’t know what happens in the background. You can then check the log to see the logged IP address. If you share the URL with multiple people, it will tell you the IP addresses of all the people who clicked the short URLs. In logs, it shows the IP address, date/time of the click, country, ISP hostname, IPS name, browser, and operating system.

This IP logger tool also lets you make custom URLs, set a custom path, and also add tracking parameters. There are more than 20 different domains to choose from. You can use different domains to avoid suspicion. Some of the custom domains include screenshot.best, lovebird.guru, joinmy.site. So, check all the custom domains and make a path to fool the person.

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IP Logger

IP Logger

IP Logger is a similar tool to log IP addresses. it also works the same way as Grabify. IP Logger offers a URL shortener that logs IP addresses once the short URL is clicked. Enter a URL and get the short URL. Send this short URL to the person. This tool also lets you choose from more than 10 domains. You also set the extension at the end of the URL.

Now check the Logged IPs section to see all the logged IP addresses. It tells you the timestamp of the click, IP address, IP address provider, country, city, and device. There’s also a link to find out the IP address on the Map. If you are sending the link to several people, it logs all the IP addresses. You can then create a report and export all the records in an Excel file for further analysis. This tool also includes an IP tracker or analyzer to find out more details about the IP address.

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3. IP-trap


IP-trap is also a good IP address grabber online tool but works differently. It itself gives you a tracking URL to share with the person. Once the IP logger link is clicked, the final page shows a broken page but grabs the IP address. This IP grabber is really simple and doesn’t provide much data. You only get the timestamp of the click and the IP address. you need to then use another IP tracker tool to know more details such as location and ISP.

It seems the service just provides one record for free. If more people are clicking the link, you will have to pay to get more data on clicks.

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4. ps3CFW.com IP Logger

ps3CFW.com IP Logger

ps3CFW.com IP Logger is another similar tool. It just grabs the IP address. Once you open this website, you get the option to generate an IP Logging URL. Click on the button to generate the URL and Tracking key. Copy both things in a separate place. The Tracking Key is used to unlock IP logs. Now send the IP logging URL to the person whose IP address you want. Then click the Lookup IP Logs link and enter the Tracking key to unlock the IP addresses. It will show all the IP addresses where the link was clicked.

This website also offers several other tools such as a URL shortener, Short URL decoder, VPN detector, IP geolocation, domain to IP, and more. Once you have the IP address, use the IP geolocation tool to find out more information about the IP address. The IP geolocation tool provided by this website shows city, country, Latitude, and Longitude.

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Wrap Up

Now you have a list of the best IP grabber tools. These tools log IP addresses. So, you can use any of them to find out IP addresses. Once you have the IP address, you can find out more details such as city, and ISP. To tell you the truth, you cannot get the exact home address. You only get the details of the ISP server that has assigned the IP to the system. So, you only get the idea of location. For example, people living in Noida sometimes get the IP address that shows the location of Gurgaon. It is because the ISP server is located in that location. Still, these IP grabber tools help a lot.

How to protect yourself from IP grabbers?

The best way to protect your IP address on the Internet is VPN. You should start using VPN if you do not want to reveal your IP address. VPN makes the secure connection from your system to the VPN server and then the VPN server connects to all the web pages you access. So, IP grabbers or IP loggers will end up getting the IP address of the VPN server. In this way, your real IP address will be safe. If you really care for your privacy, use VPN.

There are several good VPNs. I recommend following VPNs to my readers.

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