Infinix Unveils AirCharge and Extreme-Temp Battery Breakthroughs


Infinix has announced the launch of two cutting-edge technologies that promise to revolutionize the smartphone industry. These technologies are AirCharge and Extreme-Temp Battery technologies. Infinix is set to showcase these technologies at the highly anticipated ShowStoppers event during CES 2024

Infinix AirCharge: A Leap Forward in Wireless Charging

Infinix’s AirCharge technology stands out as a game-changer and will revolutionize we use wireless charging tech. The breakthrough innovation allows users to charge their smart devices without the need for cables or physical contact with the charging pad. It operates at a distance of 0-20 centimeters and even works when the transmitting and receiving coils are tilted at an angle of up to 60 degrees. So, this new tech provides flexibility in charging positions.

Infinix AirCharge

Infinix AirCharge uses its innovative multi-coil magnetic resonance technology and adaptive algorithms. The technology operates at a safe low frequency below 6.78MHz to ensure reliable charging power of up to 7.5W. Moreover, the end-to-end Resonance and Over Voltage Protection (OVP) Circuit enhances safety by safeguarding the circuitry. It makes charging secure even in dynamic scenarios where the distance and position between the device and the charging pad rapidly change.

Compared to traditional wired charging, Infinix AirCharge not only provides convenience but also seamlessly integrates with users’ environments. Activities such as gaming and watching videos can now be done while charging the device. You just need to be nearby to the charging pad.

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Extreme-Temp Battery: Defying Cold Environments

To address a common challenge faced by mobile phones in extremely cold environments, Infinix introduced the Extreme-Temp Battery. Regular batteries often experience lithium-ion freezing in harsh cold conditions. In such conditions, batteries become inactive and incapable of charging or discharging. Infinix’s solution incorporates revolutionary biomimetic electrolyte and fusion solid-state technology on the electrodes.

Extreme-Temp Battery:

This technology empowers the Extreme-Temp Battery to perform exceptionally well even at temperatures as low as -40°C. The battery’s charging temperature range of -40°C to 60°C ensures functionality and endurance. The Extreme-Temp Battery not only extends the usage of smartphones in cold climates but also promises reliability and efficiency in the face of adverse weather conditions.

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