Exploring 30 years of Apple’s Macbook


30 years back, Apple’s founder and CEO late Steve Jobs had revolutionized the way we thought about computers. It was the day that changed everything. January 24, 1984 was the day when Apple released its first personalized computer named Macintosh.

On that day, Steve Jobs introduced the first Macintosh computer. Watch this rare video to see how Steve Jobs launched Apple’s first Macintosh computer and demonstrated it.

If we think it would have been easy for Apple to publicize and sell its Macbook 30 years back, then we are quite wrong. Three decades back, we didn’t have advertisements or websites or web portals. It was a tough time for the company to launch Macbook. But not only were they able to sell their computer, but also made Macbook an internationally appreciated brand. It is also worth to note that Apple made several personal computers before launching the original Macintosh but Mac became a brand. Tim Cook also tweeted and wished happy Birthday to mac.


Apple has launched a separate page to celebrate Macbook’s 30 years of success and appreciation. The website includes a video featuring Macbook and a 30-year-timeline of Macintosh. Also a link titled ‘Your first mac’ lets the Mac users to share when did they purchase their first Mac and for what did they use it.

My first Macbook

‘Your first mac’ link also shows some interesting things. About 4.8% people selected Macintosh 512e (1986) as their first Macbook. Similary Macintosh 512K and Macintosh llx was the first Macbook for a total of 8% people. However only a small percentage of users (about 2.9%) chose Macbook Pro as their first Macintosh PC.

Another interesting observation is the changing trends of Macbook usage. Three decades back the Macbook was used for Desktop Publishing, Education and Programming. 1989 saw Macbook as a platform for internet surfing. Since then the computer is mostly used for internet browsing. Graphics designing became another dominant usage of Macbook in 1994. However by 2013 the trends have changed quite a lot with internet at top, followed by engineering and photography.

Here is a graph to show people’s interest over time in Macbook:

[trends h=”480″ w=”600″ q=”macbook” geo=”US”]

Visit Apple website here.

Tell Apple about Your First Mac.

Watch the 1984 Macintosh ad below.

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