5 Best Action Camera in 2024: Capture Your Adventures with the Best

Best Action Camera

The action camera is an interesting device to capture high-definition videos without worrying too much. This is one of the hottest gadgets gaining popularity. It fits into any pocket or can be mounted on various surfaces. The best thing about these action cameras is that they come with a rugged build to make them useful for most environmental conditions. The best action camera is used by sportspersons, teens, or professional filmmakers to record some actions. GoPro is still the undisputed champ of action cameras but there are few others in the market. A few smartphone companies have also launched their action cameras.

Before delving into specific features, identify your primary use for the action camera. Whether it’s extreme sports, underwater exploration, vlogging, or general recording, knowing your purpose will guide your decision-making process. Then look for the options available. The most notable feature we need to look at is the camera resolution. Now that video content is booming, the action camera should be able to record 4K videos with at least 60 fps. Higher frame rates capture smoother videos. If you want to record videos for making content for YouTube and social media, you go with a camera that can record high resolution in high fps.

Another notable feature is the video stabilization. The presence of OIS and EIS is much. The better the stabilization, the better the outcome. Advanced stabilization features like GoPro’s HyperSmooth or Insta360’s FlowState offer superior performance. Also explore additional features such as time-lapse, slow-motion, and customizable shooting modes based on your preferences.

Most people use an external mic, but we should also care for the presence of a high-quality mic and the ability to add an external mic. Voice control features could be an added advantage.

The camera should feature a good display that can preview clips outdoors. It should feature Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for quick transfer of footage from camera to phone or laptop. Battery life is also an important factor. That should be essential for extended usage. USB charging should also be there. So, you can charge it using a power bank.

The action camera should be rugged. It must feature a waterproof and shockproof body to handle bumps and tumbles. You should also consider the availability of mounts, cases, and other accessories compatible with the camera. If you are planning to use the camera in extreme conditions, take extra care while looking for the available option.

By considering these factors and your personal needs, you can choose the perfect action camera to capture your adventures in stunning detail. In this article, we are selecting the best action cameras you can buy. Some of them are 4k action cameras. Links to buy the camera are also added.

Best Action Cameras

Here is the list of the best action cameras available in the market. Depending on your budget and features, you can check any of these action cameras.

Best Action CameraPriceBuy Here
GoPro Hero12 BlackRs. 40,990Amazon
DJI Osmo Action 4Rs. 46,990Amazon
Insta360 X3Rs. 45,816Amazon
GoPro Max 360Rs. 51,490Amazon
Insta360 One R (1-inch) editionRs. 39,999Amazon

1. GoPro Hero12 Black

GoPro Hero 12 Black

GoPro Hero 12 Black is the best action camera one can buy. GoPro Hero 12 Black maintains a familiar design while improving other capabilities to provide best action camera experience. The camera features a removable camera lens protector, a 1.4-inch color display at the front, and a 2.27-inch touchscreen display at the back. It also has a new 1/4-20 tripod thread at the bottom. The camera proves sturdy, surviving drops, and the hydrophobic lens coating effectively repels water. The camera is waterproof to 33 feet.

The Hero 12 Black is equipped with a potent image sensor, providing an impressive field of view. Its expansive 8:7 aspect ratio footage captures more of the sky and horizon in every shot.

The camera offers HDR video recording in 5.3K and 4K resolutions, Night Effects in 8:7 ratio, a Vertical capture mode for social media content, and Bluetooth audio recording for hands-free use with voice commands.It also offers GP-Log with LUTs, 10-bit color, Timecode Sync, and Interval Photo for professional videographers. The camera also has an impressive video stabiulization. The stabilization claims to be the best on any action camera.

GoPro Hero 12 Black can record up to 25 minutes at 5.3K and 60fps. However, actual usage may vary based on conditions.

Price: Rs. 40999

Buy Here: Amazon

2. DJI Osmo Action 4

DJI Osmo Action 4

DJI Osmo Action 4 is a worth competitor of GoPro Hero 12 and worth buying. DJI Osmo Action 4 features a new 1/1.3-inch sensor for improved low-light image capture. It captures more detail in shadows and display displaying superior color rendering around a campfire. The camera also supports 10-bit D-Log M for higher dynamic range footage. It also captures 10MP photos at a 4:3 aspect ratio in your choice of JPG or DNG format. The action camera has a 155º Ultra-Wide FOV that captures immersive movements.

The DJI action camera features decent microphones that record clear audio while reducing background noise. It also has a support for 3.5mm inputs.

The camera has a 1.4-inch front display and 2.25-inch display on the back. These displays allow easy touch control and flexibility.

The camera promises an excellent battery life that can last 72 minutes in demanding 4K at 120 fps settings. It also supports fast charging. The camera can be charged up to 80% in just 18 minutes.

Price: Rs. 45816

Buy Here: Amazon

3. Insta360 X3

Insta360 X3
Insta360 X3

Insta360 X3 features a stick-like design with a threaded mount point for adding it to selfie stick. Although it lacks ergonomic grip, it fits comfortably in hand. . The camera has diamond-embossed texture for enhanced grip. The front and back are made of soft-touch plastic. The camera features physical buttons, two on the front and two on the side. It has a touch-led interface with gesture controls. The camera features a 2.6-inch portrait-oriented screen for offering improved visibility and ease of navigation. It also has an option to shoot in 9:16 mode.

Insta360 X3 offers impressive video performance, particularly in terms of stabilization. It also featurs horizon leveling for automatic adjustment and Direction Lock feature that helps counter any twisting during editing, ensuring a straight appearance. The camera also gas built-in TimeShift mode for handheld timelapse shooting. It can capture stills at up to 72MP resolution in the 360-degree mode. The 360-degree video is the main strength of the X3 and it can also shoot at up to 5.7K resolution and 30 frames per second. The Active HDR feature also provides good recording.

It promises to last 81 minutes in the 360-degree, 5.7K resolution mode. And the battery life matches the claim.

Price: Rs. 46999

Buy Here: Amazon

4. GoPro Max

GoPro Max

GoPro Max is another impressive action camera with good design and impressive features. It has rubberized body with lenses on both sides. There’s a 16:9, 1.7-inch touch-sensitive LCD display and the record button is on top. The camera is larger than the Hero8 Black and lacks support for GoPro mods.

As GoPro’s second-generation 360 camera, the Max is an improved version of the Fusion, being lighter, more compact, and similar in size to the HERO series cameras. It features a full-touch screen LCD, shoots 5.6K footage at 30 fps, and offers a HERO mode for non-360 1440p videos at 60 fps. With a front-facing LCD screen, a 6-mic setup, and HyperSmooth 2 stabilization, the Max is suitable for vlogging and outdoor activities. Previewing 360 footage is made easier with in-camera stitching, and editing can be done using the GoPro Quik app and GoPro Player app.

The 1600mAh battery provides sufficient power for a day of shooting 360-degree footage, vlogging, and smartphone pairing with short clips (1-2 minutes every hour or so). For more extended use, carrying a spare battery or a USB-C power bank is recommended.

Price: Rs. 51999

Buy Here: Amazon

5. Insta360 One R (1-inch) edition

Insta360 One R (1-inch) edition

Insta360 One R (1-inch) edition comes wit a modular design that lets users switch between different modules for various shooting scenarios. The camera features FlowState image stabilization, enhancing stability, especially when using the Insta360 all-purpose tripod or selfie-stick for video shooting. The 360 mod provides creative possibilities for enthusiasts and professionals, allowing for unique perspectives at events or functioning as a webcam.

The 1-Inch Edition excels in BTS (behind-the-scenes) shooting, providing good preamps for audio capture and a 1-inch sensor that performs well in challenging lighting conditions. There were no noticeable issues with rolling shutter during usage. The camera captures vibrant and wide-angle stills with a 14.4mm lens, offering almost a fisheye view. The Insta360 app allows for non-destructive processing of footage, and 360 videos can be exported at different resolutions, although they may appear strange outside the Insta360 app. The camera’s small size makes it suitable for discrete street photography.

Although the camera supports Raw photo capture, there is a noticeable lag between hitting the record button and the photo being saved to the card. Continuous recording is possible as long as there is sufficient power and card capacity. The footage will be segmented into files, with new files starting after specific durations depending on the selected recording settings.

The 1190mAh battery can deplete quickly, especially during extensive video shooting. While the camera can be powered via USB during operation, it may not always be the most convenient setup for an action camera.

Price: Rs. 39999

Buy Here: Amazon

Final Words

There are a few other cheaper action cameras listed in different online stores, but I am exactly not sure about the quality of those products. The action camera listed in this article not only offers a good experience but also good after-sale support.

If you are still not sure what action camera to buy, you can put the comment below to start the conversation thread. We will discuss more to find out the best action camera for you. I will also be happy to see your suggestions in the comments.

I hope this post helps and solves your queries.

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