4 Best Hindi Keyboard Software for Laptop and PC

Hindi typing software laptop and PC
Hindi typing software laptop and PC


Hindi is a popular Indian language used in the North Indian region. Millions of people use it as a primary language for communication. Several official works are still done in the Hindi language in India. So, there is a need for good Hindi typing software. Although Microsoft office applications support Hindi fonts, you need to master the Hindi font to learn how to properly type Hindi. There are several good software where you can just type Hindi words using English alphabets (Hinglish) and it automatically converts them into Hindi. For example writing, ‘Main’ automatically converts to मैं. Isn’t it great and much better than remembering keys assigned for different Hindi characters in Hindi font? See how Hindi fonts use the QWERTY keyboard and what you need to remember for hindi typing.

Hindi Keyboard Software

Several people think Hindi is the official language in India, but it is not the case. There are 22 scheduled languages in India. So, people prefer their local language and learn English as a common language for communication with people who don’t know their language. So, there are different typing tools for different languages. But this article will only talk about Hindi typing software for laptops and desktops. People who still work on the big screen must know about these Hindi typing software for comfortable writing in Hindi.

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Hindi Keyboard Software for Laptop and PC

1. Google Input Tools

Google Input Tools: Hindi TYping Software Windows

Google no longer offers downloadable Google Input Tools for Windows. But you can use it as an online tool directly on your browser. Open Google Input Tools and select the Hindi language from the language dropdown. Now start typing in Hindi and this tool works flawlessly. This tool also supports auto-completion for words for faster typing.

Google Input Tool is an online tool. So, it works across the platform. You can use it in a web browser on Windows, macOS, or on Linux. It is free and supports many international languages. You can also install its extension if you want to type in Hindi on any other website.

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2. Microsoft I​ndic Language Input Tool

Microsoft itself has an impressive keyboard tool that supports several Indian languages including Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Malayalam, Gujarati, Oriya, and more. This keyboard tool offers visual typing with an assisting tool. This Indic language keyboard software for PC makes it really easy to type several Indian languages including Hindi.

In different Windows versions, this tool works differently. I am only writing about how you can use it in Windows 10. If you are on Windows 10, check the taskbar for the keyboard language toggle option. You will see the ENG icon. Click on it to switch to other keyboards. After switching to the Hindi keyboard, you can type in Hindi in any software including WordPad, Notepad, and Office applications using the English QWERTY keyboard.


3. India Typing Software

India Typing Software is another free Hindi keyboard software that lets you type in Hindi using the default QWERTY English keyboard. This software also automatically converts english to Hindi and supports auto-completion for faster typing. This tool works with any software or on a website. It comes with 10 different keyboard layouts and works offline. So, you also don’t need an active internet connection for typing in Hindi.


India Typing also offers an online tool for Hinglish typing where you write in Hinglish and it converts it into Hindi. This tool works in the same way as Google Input Tool. This works really good and you can directly type in Hindi. It is an online tool so works well on different platforms including Windows, macOS, Linux, iPadOS, Android, and iOS.

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4. Hinglish to Hindi

Hinglish to Hindi is a free Windows 10 app that lets you type Hinglish. This software automatically converts Hinglish words into Hindi. So, you can quickly type in Hindi using the default keyboard without changing the font. Like other Hinglish tools, it offers real-time translation of the Hinglish text to Hindi. You need to type on this tool and then copy and paste it into other applications or websites where you want to put your Hindi input.


Wrap Up

I have personally tested all these Hindi typing keyboard apps and software. I focused on tools that offer Hinglis typing to make your Hindi typing faster. You can always use a Hindi font if you know how to type in Hindi font. I recommend Google Input tools and its extension. Now when we do most of our works in cloud applications and websites, the extension helps a lot. With a single click, you can start writing in Hinglish and it converts that to Hindi.

There could be several more similar Hindi typing software for laptops and PC. If you know any other good Hindi typing software, let me know using the comments below. You can always contact me on different social media platforms including Twitter and Instagram.