5 Best English to Hindi Translation Apps and Websites

English to Hindi translation
English to Hindi translation


Hindi is one of the most popular languages and is used by more than 500 million people. English is the common language accepted by most countries. So, it is used for communication between people with different native languages. There are billions of web pages and millions of books written in English. So, people who don’t have good knowledge of English vocabulary, need tools for English to Hindi translation. There are lots of online and offline tools for English to Hindi translation. Now when smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives, there are several English to Hindi translation apps for smartphones. These English to Hindi translation apps also offer Hindi to English translation. In this article, I am listing some of the best English to Hindi translation apps and websites. If you want English to Hindi sentence translation or looking for online English to Hindi translation, you can use any of these translators.

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Best English to Hindi Translation Tools

Check this list of best English to Hindi translation websites and apps. Read about all the tools and start using one that suits you.

1. Google Translate

English to Hindi Translation: Google Translate

Google Translate is the most popular language-translation tool used by millions of people to translate content from one language to another. It supports more than 100 languages including English and Hindi. Google has also included it in Google search for quick access to this translation tool. For accessing Google translate in search, search for “Google translate English to Hindi, “Hindi to English translate.”.” You can write text, speak, upload documents, or enter URLs and this tool will quickly translate content to Hindi.

Along with the online tool, Google has also made apps for smartphones. So, you can download the app on your Android and iOS for quick access to the translation. The app also supports Handwriting. So, you can draw text for the translation. Mobile apps can also perform Live translation. You can point the camera to a signboard with English content and the app will quickly translate the content to Hindi or any desired language of your choice. Google Translate app also works offline. You just need to download language files for the languages you regularly need. Then you can keep doing English to Hindi translation and vice versa without needing an active Internet connection.

Google also claims that its Google Translate service does not use any of your content other than translation. So, your data is private and Google doesn’t read or use it in any way.


2. Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator - English to Hindi Translation

Similar to Google Translate, Microsoft also offers its own translation service called Microsoft Translator. This is also an excellent tool for English to Hindi translation and vice versa. Microsoft Translator supports over 90 languages and can translate content from one language to another. You can enter the English content in one text box and select the target language to translate. This tool can also auto-detect the input language. This tool can also translate text, documents, and web pages.

The company also offers free mobile apps for translating content from one language to another. Mobile apps support multiple ways like camera input and voice into. So, you can upload a photo with text written on it and the app will translate the content. There notable features of the Microsoft Translate app include two-way conversations, phrasebooks, pronunciation guides, alternate translations, and Android Wear Support.

Website | Android | iPhone

3. Translate.com

Translate.com: Translate from English to Hindi

Translate.com also offers an excellent online translator where you can do English to Hindi translation instantly. This online translation tool supports 90+ languages. You can translate content from one language to another in all these languages. It also supports several input methods including Typing, Photo upload, voice input, and handwriting. If you are looking for a good English to Hindi translator, try this tool

Along with the online tool, it also offers Android and iOS apps. So, you can perform translation on the go.

The app also has 40,000+ qualified experts for human translation services. Of course, it will be paid. If you need translation of an important document and there shouldn’t a single mistake, go for Human translation service.

Website | Android | iPhone

4. Hi Translate

Hi Translate: Translate Anything From English To Hindi

Hi Translate is an impressive mobile app to translate content from English to Hindi. The app supports up to 100 languages to translate text from one language to another. Just like Google translate, you can either enter the text or point the phone camera to the text for instant translation. The app also has voice translation support and supports real-time voice translation to both text and audio. It also offers an offline mode to translate content even if the Internet is not available. This translation app also supports cross-application translation that helps a lot in chat apps. The app also helps you in learning new words and pronunciation of words.

This app is free and is available for both Android and iOS.

Android | iPhone

5. LingvaNex

LingvaNex: english to hindi translation best site

LingvaNex is an impressive website where you can translate up to 10,000 words from one language to another at a time. It supports 127+ different languages for text translation. If you are using the app, you can also try voice and camera translation. The translation app supports voice-to-Voice conversations in 100+ languages. Like other translation apps, it also supports offline translation. The app also offers dictionary meaning and alternate translations. Android app also supports Google Watch, Apple Watch, and Samsung Gear.

This is a complete translation platform for businesses where you can get multilingual texts and documents. You also get SDK, API, or server to integrate this translation tool into your website and app.

It is available on the web, Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Chrome, and other platforms.

Website | iOSAndroidMacOSWindowsChrome

Wrap Up

I have included just three different tools. There could be a lot more I can add to this English to Hindi translator list. But most other tools either use Google Translate API or Microsoft Translator API. So why use other tools if you have the original one to use. You can keep using any of these online English to Hindi translator tools. These tools also offer Hindi to English sentence translation and English to Hindi sentence translation. If you want offline English to Hindi translation, download mobile apps. Mobile apps of Google Translate and Microsoft Translator support offline translation if you download the language files.

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