Opera for Android gets a built-in VPN

Opera VPN for Android
Opera VPN for Android

Last month, Opera added a free built-in VPN in its beta app. Now the company has rolled out the feature to its new version of the mobile browser, Opera for Android 51.

The VPN is free and offers unlimited data usage. The VPN establishes a private connection between the mobile phone and a remote VPN server using 256-bit encryption. Users can pick a server of their choice from available locations. The most important thing is that Opera doesn’t ask you to open an account to use the free VPN.

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Opera also promises not to keep logs of super activity, so it won’t retain any data in any way that could identify an individual based on their online activity. This is the most important thing to verify before opting for a VPN service. Especially the free one.

This is not the first time Opera recognized the demand of VPN. It launched Opera VPN for Android and iOS back in 2016 but discontinued it last year. The company already offers the built-in VPN in its desktop browser.

Even if Opera has just 3.53 percent browsing usage share, the company always try to integrate interesting and useful features. The free VPN option is not available in any of the popular mobile browsers. Last year, Opera added browser-based Ethereum wallet along with an optional night mode. It also lets users.

I have been personally using the Opera’s VPN service using Opera Beta for Android. Now when it is available in stable version, I also recommend you all to try this. VPN can help you in accessing blocked websites and access country specific content. You can also use it to hide your online activities from your ISP’s eyes.


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