Apple announces new AirPods with wireless charging case


Apple just announced the second generation AirPods that also comes with a wireless charging case

New AirPods pack new H1 chip that claims to offer improved battery life and supports “Hey, Siri: without pressing a button.

Apple claims that there is an extra hour of talk time. Other battery life figures are the same. It still offers up to five hours of listening time per charge and total 24 hours of battery life from extra charges in the case. Switching between devices is 2X faster than the previous generation AirPods.

New AirPods and case look nearly similar to the previous one. The only change is the addition of a small LED light on the wireless charging case to indicate battery life.

New wireless charging case works with standard Qi charging. So, you can charge it with nearly every wireless charger available.

The second generation AirPods with wireless charging case costs $199. If you get it with wired charging case, it costs $159. The standalone wireless charging case is also available at $79.



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