Opera announces new Free VPN in the beta browser for Android

Free VPN in beta Opera browser
Free VPN in beta Opera browser

VPN has become an important part of many people’s daily life because we cannot trust on our ISPs. Opera had a free VPN app for Android but retired the service last year. Now the company has announced the integrated VPN service for its Opera Browser for Android and has already rolled out in beta version.

Opera browser’s new VPN feature lets you route all your data through a secure encrypted connection for browsing the Internet. So, your ISP or web advertisers cannot track your activities or web browsing.

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Since VPNs can see your traffic, it is important to use a trustworthy VPN service. Many free VPN providers keep log of your activities. I have curated a list of best VPN apps for Android and iOS. Check the links added below.

Opera claims that the VPN it added in its browser keeps zero log. Opera supports the use of VPN only for private tabs. You can select the VPN server region or let the app decide. There is also an option to allow search engines to bypass VPN if you want to get location-specific results.

Opera confirms that the VPN service is being rolled out slowly in the beta app. So, it may take time to reach all users.

It is worth to note that the VPN service is just for Opera browser and can only protect traffic data within the Opera browser. If you want OS-level protection that would encrypt all the web traffic flowing through apps you installed on your phone, you need to pay for a proper VPN service. I have already added links to the best VPN apps.

Opera already offers an unlimited and free VPN into the desktop browser. Millions of Opera users are taking benefit of that. Now the same service has come to mobile browser.

Download: Opera browser beta