Instagram opens its shopping feature to Bigcommerce

Instagram shop photo tags
Instagram shop photo tags


Today, BigCommerce announced its new partnership with Instagram. With this partnership, it allows sale through the social media platform using its shopping feature.

Instagram has been testing its shopping feature for nearly a year now with limited companies. Now the company is ready to expand this feature.

Merchants can use Instagram shoppable posts and get access to views, clicks analytics. As Instagram does not allow links in post caption, shoppable tags are there to redirect users to your store.

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If you missed the original news of Shoppable Photo tag, you must be thinking how it works. Basically, it allows retailers to tag products in the photo with links. Users can see the tags and click on tags will load the details page with product price, description and shop button. Users can directly make the purchase from the shop button without leaving the app and users can come back to Instagram feed in just a single tap.

BigCommerce has over 50,000 small to medium-sized businesses, 2,000 mid-market sized businesses and more than 25 Fortune 1000 companies. So, Instagram already got a huge number of clients to serve.

BIgCommerce integration is only available to US-based merchants running active shop in the US. But it will not be enough because Instagram has around 80 percent users from outside of the US.

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Instagram has now 800 million monthly active users and is earning big amount for Facebook. It already confirmed to have over 2 million advertisers. With the expansion of shoppable tags to more business, the company will surely increase its revenue.