Windows 10 Will Be Available on July 29

Windows 10 launch
Windows 10 launch

Windows 10 launch
Microsoft has just confirmed that Windows 10 will be available in July 29. Official date came after few sourced confirmed that Windows 10 was set to launch in late July. This date confirms that Microsoft has already done most of the testing tasks and will finalize everything by the end of this month.

Recent preview builds of Windows 10 showcased various new features in every new iterations. Microsoft now only has 2 months o fix all the bugs which have been reported by users in past. Microsoft confirmed that it has been working with four million Windows Insiders to get feedback and know the issues in the existing builds.

Windows 10 is the next generation of Windows designed to be the one platform for all kind of Microsoft devices. Windows 1o will run on Desktop, smartphones, tablets, Xbox and internet of things devices. Developers will also be able to develop apps for all kind of devices easily.

Main attraction of Windows 10 is its new personal digital assistant called Cortana and new Microsoft Edge browser.

Cortana can assist you by voice reply. It learns from you and offer you personalized answers. It will be available in your PC and smartphone both. You can ask general questions to get instant answers or ask it to perform quick tasks like make a phone call or open an app.

Microsoft has also added its new web browser Microsoft Edge in this new version of Windows. It comes with built-in feature to add comment on web page. It also offers faster web experience. Microsoft has decided to drop IE because of its poor performance. So, company built a new browser from scratch to compete with Chrome and Firefox.

Windows 10 will come with office 2016 along with universal apps for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Apps are optimized for touch-first interface. So, you will enjoy these apps in your touch devices. Windows 10 will also come with New Photos, Videos, Music, Maps, People, Mail & Calendar apps. So, be ready to enjoy the next generation Windows operating system.

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