Microsoft Announces Worldwide Hackthon for Windows


Microsoft has announced the upcoming session of hackthon with free music, and food for people who will attend.

Primary aim of this hackthon will be bringing developers to Windows 8. Windows 8 is about to launch but it lacks apps in the market place. So Microsoft will spend its time in motivating developers to develop the apps for this new operating system. Microsoft experts and developers will be there to help you while developing the app.

“There will be dozens of event venues from college campuses to Microsoft offices, all buzzing with energy, music, free food and more. New venues being added daily – check back to find the event near you,” Microsoft explained.

Microsoft has high expectation from upcoming windows 8 operating system and is expecting to have more than 1,00,000 apps by the February 2013. Currently Windows Store only holds 5,500 apps at the global level and most of them are free. We can expect high growth skyrocket after the Windows 8 October 26 launch.

“Microsoft app experts, developers and trainers will be available to assist your learning and coding.”

Hackthon will be held in many countries so you can check the nearest location from the Officials website of Worldwide Hackthon for Windows.