Google launches a new hub for your security and privacy settings on Google

Google security and privacy
Google security and privacy

Google security and privacyGoogle has made it easier to check your privacy and security across all Google products. It has launched a new My Account page to manage your security and privacy at one place.

Google says that security and privacy are the two sides of a coin. So, adding those at one place makes sense. In this new my account page, you will see new Privacy Checkup and Security Checkup wizards. You can use these to check your most important privacy and security settings. You can check which apps and sites are connected to your account. You can also see what recovery options you are using and what devices are using your account. You can easily recognise if there is something wrong with your account. Everything is at one place and more open. So, you know what are the options available to check.

Google has also included quick access to its Ad Settings tool which was not easy to find earlier. This section now allows you to set if Google can use your personal data and show it to other. You can opt-out if you do not like.

Google PrivacyGoogle has also made available another page which tells you what data Google collets and what Google do with that data. It is a central place for the answer of all your questions related to your privacy.

This new move is nice. Users can now find it easier to know what is their privacy and how to make your data safe and private. Check these new pages and let us know if you find it useful.


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