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5 Best Gaming Keyboards Under Rs. 1000 | 2020

Budget Gaming PC Build
Budget Gaming PC Build


If you like PC gaming but do not have enough money to spend on high-cost gaming PCs, you can think of building your cheap gaming system. If you are doing the same, you need a good but low-cost gaming keyboard as well. I have already listed the best gaming mouse under Rs. 1000. Now you need a good budget gaming keyboard.

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A keyboard is an important part of gaming. You will be spending hours on pressing keyboard keys while gaming. So, the keys must be responsive and comfortable. It must be strong enough to sustain gaming sessions. While Rs. 1000 budget is not big enough, so you have very few options. Still, you can get a good budget gaming keyboard. Here is the list of best gaming keyboards under Rs. 1000.

You should always consider a wired gaming keyboard if you have less budget. Most check Bluetooth keyboards will have a latency issue. That’s the reason I have also listed on wired gaming keyboards on this list. Most companies offer a regular keyboard with RGB lighting in this segment. There won’t be much performance benefit of a regular keyboard. That’s why I recommend you to have a budget of at least Rs. 5000 for a good and responsive gaming keyboard for gaming advantages.

Best Gaming Keyboards Under Rs. 1000

Best Gaming Keyboards Under Rs. 1000Link to BuyPrice
Zebronics Zeb-Transformer-kBuy HereRs. 999
AMKETTE Evo FoxBuy HereRs. 899
Offbeat SlayerBuy HereRs. 999
Live Tech KB03 PROBuy HereRs. 845
DragonWar Desert EagleBuy HereRs. 599

Below is the list of Best Gaming Keyboards Under Rs. 1000 that you can buy in the budget. If you interested in gaming and want a cheap gaming keyboard, here are the best options.

1. Zebronics Zeb-Transformer-k

Zebronics Zeb-Transformer-k

Zebronics Zeb-Transformer-k is the best gaming keyboard you can get in the budget of Rs. 1000. This is a USB gaming keyboard with an RGB lighting effect. The keyboard is made of Aluminum and has Laser keycaps. It has rubberized feet to ensure that the keyboard remains stable while you are playing games. Along with regular keys, it also has Integrated media control. The high-quality USB connector and Braided cable promise durability. Zebronics also claims that the keyboard has been rated for 80 million keystrokes.

Price: Rs. 999

Buy Here: Amazon

2. AMKETTE Evo Fox


AMKETTE Evo Fox is another good gaming keyboard under Rs. 1000 in India. The keyboard feels like a mechanical keyboard but it is not. The keyboard is built for gaming, so it has a good build quality. It has a Spill-Resistant design and Long Braided Cable with Magnetic Ring. Keys are rated for 10 Million Keystrokes. The keyboard also has Rainbow Backlighting with Breathing Effect. The keyboard has 12 multimedia keys along with regular keys and features 19-Key Anti Ghosting. It also has a dedicated windows lock key.

Price: Rs. 899

Buy Here: Amazon

3. Offbeat Slayer

Offbeat Slayer

Offbeat Slayer is also a good gaming keyboard with RGB lighting for a proper gaming feel. The keyboard has a 7 Color rainbow RGB light offering a breathing effect. You can adjust the brightness level of the RGB light. It is a membrane keyboard but optimized for gaming. The keyboard offers a smooth and responsive gaming experience. The company claims that keys are rated for 10, 000, 000 times of keystroke test. It has an all-metal construction and boasts a shockproof and wear-resistant build. The Braided USB cable also promises durability.

Buy Here: Amazon

4. Live Tech KB03 PRO

Night Hawk NK102 FPS

Live Tech KB03 PRO is also a good gaming keyboard you can go with. Even if this isn’t from a much-known brand, it promises a lot. The keyboard is made of rugged materials and is shockproof and can survive accidental drops. It has an ergonomic design and high raised keys for a good experience. The keyboard also comes with a palm rest for comfortable typing and gaming. All keys are clearly marked in white on a black background. Keys support anti-ghosting. There are also multimedia keys.

Buy Here: Amazon

5. DragonWar Desert Eagle

DragonWar Desert Eagle

This one is really cheap but is good. The keyboard doesn’t feature RGB lighting and looks like a regular multimedia keyboard. But it comes with its own gaming mat to keep this keyboard stable while you are playing the game. It also promises to be water-resistant and can survive water splashes. Along with regular keys, this one also features 8 multimedia keys. WASD and arrow keys are of a different color. If you don’t want to spend much on a gaming keyboard, consider this one.

Buy Here: Amazon

Final Words

Rs. 1000 is not a big budget for a gaming keyboard, still, you have few good options. If you have a tight budget, you can go with any of these Gaming Keyboards Under Rs. 1000. But I will recommend you to increase the budget to keep it up to Rs. 2000 for getting better options. I hope you find this article helpful. If you have anything to ask, you can always leave a comment below.