5 Best Internet Speed Test Sites

Internet speed Test
Internet speed Test


Internet speed test is the common way to check if your ISP is providing promised speed. If a website is too slow, you can use an internet speed test to check if the issue is with your internet connection or with the website. Internet speed test tools quickly tell you the current download and upload speed your ISP is offering. You can also use an internet speed test to troubleshoot your internet connection. In case you are looking for the best internet speed test sites, here’s a list. In this article, I am listing the 5 best internet speed test sites.

What is Speed Test?

Internet Speed Test is the way to get an idea of how fast your Internet connection is right now. It tells you about download speed and upload speed. So, you can confirm if you are getting the internet speed as per your Internet plan. Speed Test measures your Ping to your nearest ISP server, download speed, and upload speed. Even if the ISP only promises Download and Upload speed, PING should also not be too high. In most cases, the Upload speed is usually lower than the Download speed. Now when ISPs are offering fiber connection, Download and Upload speeds are almost similar.

How does a Speed Test work?

When you perform an Internet speed test, it first determines your location and then finds the closest test server to you. Some of the internet speed test websites also let you change the server. Then speed test website sends a simple signal to measure the PING from the server. Once the PING is complete, it starts measuring download and upload speeds. First, it tries to download a small piece of data and measures the download time. Then it downloads additional pieces of data. After measuring the download speed, it tries to measure the upload speed by sending the data. The speed test websites measure download and upload speeds multiple times by downloading and uploading multiple pieces of data of different sizes. Then it takes an average and shows the result.

Internet Speed Test Websites

Check this list of best internet speed test sites to test your internet speed. These tools can perform current internet speed tests and tell you the download, upload, and pin.

1. Ookla Speed Test

Ookla speed test

Ookla Speed Test is the most popular and trusted speed test website. I personally rely on this tool and have the mobile app on my smartphone. This tool tells you PING, download speed, and upload speed after the internet speed test. You can even change the test server if you want. Not just the online tool, Ookla Speed Test has dedicated apps for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Apple TV. You can also install the Google Chrome extension. Ookla’s internet speed test app also comes with a VPN with 2 GB of free data per month.

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2. Google Internet Speed Test

Google Internet Speed Test

Google also offers an Internet Speed test tool. For accessing it, you just need to search for “Internet Speed Test,” “Test my internet speed,” “mobile internet speed test,” or similar keywords, and Google will show you the speed test tool at the top of the search results. After the speed test, it tells you the download and upload speed of your internet connection. It also tells you latency and test server location. Based on your speed, it tells you if your internet can handle HD streaming or not.

3. Fast.com

Fast.com Internet Speed test

Fast.com is another popular and reliable Internet speed test website. This tool is offered by the streaming service Netflix. The tool is really simple. As soon as you visit the website, it starts a speed test. So, there is no manual action to start the internet speed test. Once the speed test is done, it tells you the download speed. You can click on the Show More Info button for detailed results. In detailed results, it tells you latency, ping, and upload speed along with server location.

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4. M-Lab Internet Speed Test

M-Lab Internet Speed Test

This is another good internet speed test website. Before you proceed, it asks you to agree to the data policy. The website confirms that it keeps logs of your IP address. After the speed test, it shows server location, download speed, upload speed, latency, and Retransmission percentage. The company also uses your speed test results in making open Internet performance data. This data is later used for research and stats.

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5. Speedof.me

Speedof.me Internet Speed Test

Speedof.me is also a good website where you can perform Internet speed tests. This website shows you download speed, upload speed, latency, and test server location. It also shows you the data in the graph. SO, you can understand if speed is consistent or there are fluctuations. This tool also keeps your internet speed history and you don’t need to create an account for that. It seems it uses cookies to identify you for historical data.

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Wrap Up

There are so many other similar internet speed test websites. I don’t think you need to know about more than these 5 Internet speed test websites. I even recommend you to either use Google’s internet speed test tool or Ookla Speed Test. I personally use the Ookla Speed Test tool and recommend it. You can download the mobile app which will keep historical data of each internet speed test you perform.

How to test internet speed?

You can use any of these tools to test internet speed. Just open any of these tools and initiate an Internet speed test.

Why Should I Test My Internet Speed?

An Internet speed test is done to verify if ISP is offering the same speed as promised. If you are facing issues with web browsing, OTT streaming, VoIP calls, or downloading, you should perform an internet speed test. In case the speed is lower than promised by ISP, raise a complaint and force ISP to fix the Internet speed. Before raising the complaints, connect your system with the router using a wired Ethernet connection. WiFi connection doesn’t always offer good speed because it is affected by multiple factors. While checking the speed test, you should also close all the programs that are using an internet connection. You should also restart your router and then check the speed test.