Top 7 Caller ID & Blocking Apps for Android and iOS



Almost daily we receive calls from different marketing companies offering different schemes and products. Sometimes unknown callers also create big trouble. So, it is important to have a good caller Id and blocking app installed on your phone. These apps automatically block spam caller and show you the name of the person calling even if the number is not saved in your contacts. In this way, you can avoid spam caller and know who is calling from an unknown phone. I am sure you are already using one. But if you are not using any caller Id app, In this post I am listing the best caller id apps for Android and iOS devices. See these top caller IDs and blocking android and iOS apps. If you are looking for a good caller id app, you will find this article useful.

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Best Caller ID Apps

1. Truecaller – Caller ID & Block


This is the most popular caller ID & blocking app. It is popular in several countries but India seems to be the country where most people use TrueCaller to identify the caller and block SPAM calls. This app lets you know who is calling from unknown numbers. You can mark a caller SPAM, block calls and find more contacts by recommendations. If you are receiving calls from a person who has been marked as spam, it will notify you. You can also set it to block calls from popular spam callers. If you are living in India, I recommend you install TrueCaller on your smartphone. You must have an active internet connection on your smartphone to enjoy the benefit of the app.

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2. Hiya

Whitepages caller id android app

Hiya Caller ID & Block is another popular caller id and blocking the app. It offers similar features. You can easily get to know who is calling or sending you SMS. You can automatically block SPAM callers and telemarketers. This app also offers in-call location sharing. So, you can send your location to another person while talking to him on phone.

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3. Caller ID +

callerid + Android app

Caller ID + is also a very good Android app for caller id and call blocking. It offers a similar kind of spam reporting, call blocking, and caller id. It also lets you sync your contacts and call logs to the cloud. So, you will never lose your contacts and call logs. You can also try this nice app.

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4. Whoscall- Caller ID&Block


Whoscall is also a very good android app for showing caller ID of unknown callers and Blocking calls from known spammers. This app is also available free of cost. It claims to have 700 million phone numbers in its database. So, you are most likely to recognize the unknown caller with this app. If you are still searching for a good caller id and blocking the app, you must try this app.

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6. Showcaller

Showcaller: Callerid app

Showcaller is also a good caller id app for Android. Just like the TrueCaller, the app lets you identify spam callers. You can also report a number to spam and the app will add it to its database. The app also lets you block a contact if someone is trying to annoy you. Showcaller also lets you record calls in case you need it.

Download: Android

6. Mr. Number

Mr. Number

Mr. Number is another good app to identify the unknown caller and block calls from fraud, and spam calls. It also lets you block unwanted messages. The app blocks all the scam calls and spam messages based on the numbers reported by its users. It also accesses your call logs and tells you if you should block a number you recently contacted. The free version of the app is less efficient but paid one has the feature you need. I mean, you need the paid version to get the ability to block calls.

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7. CallApp


CallApp is also a similar kind of caller id and Phone call recording app. It lets you know who’s calling you. You can also search for a phone number to see who is being a number. It offers both automatic call recording and manual calling recording. So, you can decide what you want. You can also add a limit to the number of recordings. The phone even comes with a dialer. You can blacklist a number to block a contact from calling you.

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Final Words

These are few caller id apps you can use on your android phone. True caller is most popular in many countries. Even if many people raised privacy issues, many are still loving these apps to identify strangers and block spam callers. Facebook’s effort was good but it couldn’t get users for it.

What caller id app do you use on your phone? Share it via comments. If you do not use any caller id app, share the reason why do you not use it. We will be happy to know your views.