How to surrender a game In Valorant


Valorant is a recently launched first-person shooting team game where two teams with 5 players each compete for several rounds. The game has already become really popular and several CS Go Player has moved to play Valorant professionally. Now the company has added a fully-fledged ranked system and competitive mode with Patch 1.02. So, we also now have an option to surrender when there’s no hope to win. If you think you cannot win the game and want to surrender, you can call for surrender vote. If all players vote yes, the surrender will pass. The opposition team will be the winner for all the remaining rounds.

It is important to know that you can call for a vote to surrender only after playing eight rounds. If you call for surrender during the buy phase, it will available almost immediately. In case you call for surrender during a round, the voting option will come at the beginning of the next round.

How to Surrender In Valorant

Here are the steps you need to follow fr Early Surrender in Valorant.

Step 1: Press enter to bring up the chat.

Step 2: Now type /ff or /forfeit or concede in chat and press enter.

Step 3: Now all the team members will get an option to vote. Players can either type /yes or /no in chat to vote or simply press F5 key for yes and F6 for No.

The game will only end if all the players vote yes.

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Now you know how to give up and surrender a game in Valorant. This saves time if you think there is no way you can win with the current team.

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