All Valorant guns and damage: Weapons Guide

Valorant Guns

If you are playing Valorant, you need to understand what gun you should buy in a price range to get an edge over enemies. You must know how much damage a gun can do. The more damage per shot a gun can do, the better it is. Sniper is best if you know how to use it. Otherwise, go with an assault rifle if you can afford it. There are pistols and SMGs as cheaper options.  In this guide, I will explain Valorant guns and damages.

Every character has 100 health at the beginning of the game. If you get 100 damage you die. If a player has Armor, the enemy will have to do 150 damage to kill. So, it is recommended to buy Armor.

Guns have different Falange value depending on the range of fire. Some of two sets damage while a few have just one of three. I have clearly mentioned the damage by range. Shooting at the head does more damage than shooting at the body or leg.

Knife damage: The left-click knife attack does 50 damage while the right click knife attack does 75 damage.

Valorant has a buy menu to purchase guns. Every road gas a buy phase at the start. You can spend your earned Creds for funs. There are six categories of weapons, including sidearms, SMGs, shotguns, machine guns, rifles, and snipers. In this article, I will explain the damage of each gun.

Valorant Guns

Valorant Sidearms damage

Classic is the default pistol you get. You will have to buy others. From the list, it is clear that the Sheriff is the best pistol, but costly, to go with. If you aim at the head, it can even kill a person with Armour in one shot.

PistolPriceAlt FirePenetrationMag sizeBody DamageHeadshot DamageLeg damage
ClassicNA3-round burstLow12Under 30m: 26

Over 30m: 22

Under 30m: 78

Over 30m: 66

Under 30m: 22

Over 50m: 18

Shorty200N/ALow2Under 9m: 12

Under 15m: 8

Over 15m: 3

Under 9m: 36

Under 15m: 24

Over 15m: 9

Under 9m: 10

Under 15m: 6

Over 15m: 2

Frenzy400N/ALow13Under 20m: 26

Over 20m: 21

Under 20m: 78

Over 20m: 63

Under 20m: 22

Over 20m: 17

Ghost500N/AMedium15Under 30m: 30

Over 30m: 25

Under 30m: 105

Over 30m: 87

Under 30m: 25

Over 30m: 21

Sheriff800N/AHigh6Under 30m: 55

Over 30m: 50

Under 30m: 159

Over 30m: 145

Under 30m: 46

Over 30m: 42

Valorant SMG damage

Best SMG is Spectre.

SMGPriceAlt FirePenetrationMag sizeBody DamageHeadshot DamageLeg damage
Stinger1000ADS, spread reductionLow20Under 20m: 27

Over 20m: 25

Under 20m: 67

Over 20m: 62

Under 20m: 23

Over 20m: 21

Spectre1600ADS, slight spread reductionMedium30Under 20m: 26

Over 20m: 22

Under 20m: 78

Over 20m: 66

Under 20m: 22

Over 20m: 18

Valorant Shotgun damage

ShotgunPriceAlt FirePenetrationMag sizeBody DamageHeadshot DamageLeg damage
Bucky900Semi-Automatic Air BurstLow20Under 8m: 22

Under 15m: 17

Over 15m: 9

Under 8m: 44

Under 15m: 34

Over 15m: 18

Under 8m: 19

Under 15m: 14

Over 15m: 8


Under 8m: 17

Under 15m: 13

Over 15m: 10

Under 8m: 34

Under 15m: 26

Over 15m: 20

Under 8m: 14

Under 15m: 11

Over 15m: 9

Valorant Assault Rifle damage

Best Assault Rifle in Valorant is Vandal. Headshot damage can kill a person in a single shot. Vandal is similar to the AK-47 of CS: GO.

Assault RiflesPriceAlt FirePenetrationMag sizeBody DamageHeadshot DamageLeg damage
Bulldog21003-Round BurstMedium243511630
Guardian2700ADS, slight spread reductionMedium126519549
Phantom2900ADS, slight spread reductionMedium30Under 15m: 39

Under 30m: 35

Over 30m: 31

Under 15m: 156

Under 30m: 140

Over 30m: 124

Under 15m: 33

Under 30m: 30

Over 30m: 26

Vandal2900ADS, slight spread reductionMedium253915633

Valorant Sniper Rifle damage

Best Sniper Rifle in Valorant is Operator. It similar to AWP from CS: Go.

Sniper RiflesPriceAlt FirePenetrationMag sizeBody DamageHeadshot DamageLeg damage
Marshal1100ADS, slight spread reductionMedium510120285
Operator4500ADS, significant spread reductionHigh5150255127

Valorant Machine guns damage

Sniper RiflesPriceAlt FirePenetrationMag sizeBody DamageHeadshot DamageLeg damage
Ares1700ADS, slight spread reductionHigh50Under 30m: 30

Over 30m: 28

Under 30m: 72

Over 30m: 67

Under 30m: 25

Over 30m: 23

Odin3200ADS, significant spread reductionHigh100Under 30m: 38

Over 30m: 31

Under 30m: 95

Over 30m: 77

Under 30m: 32

Over 30m: 26

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