‘Resident Evil’ series surpasses 100 million sales worldwide

Resident Evil
Resident Evil

Capcom’s popular video game series ‘Resident Evil has surpassed 100 million sales. It has also become Capcom’s first game in 40-year history to achieve this milestone.

Resident Evil is a zombie shooting game. The storyline is set in Raccoon City that suffers a zombie apocalypse caused by an outbreak of a virus created by Umbrella Corporation. You will have to kill Zombies, survive, and finish the game.

The company didn’t breakdown the sales by game. So, we don’t know which was the best selling game of the Resident Evil franchise. But we know that Resident Evil sold 7.5 million copies and Resident Evil Remake managed to sell 2 million copies in its first five days.

Resident Evil franchise began back in 1996 with the release of the first game ‘Resident Evil.’ There are seven main games along with numerous spin-offs, episodic games, and remakes.

The game is so successful that it also inspired Resident Evil movie series.

The most recent game of the franchise was ‘Resident Evil 3 Remake’ released in April 2020. This game failed to impress gamers, but we already know when the upcoming Resident Evil is coming. Resident Evil 8: Village has already been announced to coming in 2021.