Panasonic’s new LED Bulb continues to glow even when the electric supply fails

Panasonic 2-in-1 Emergency bulb
Panasonic 2-in-1 Emergency bulb


Anchor Electricals, subsidiary of Panasonic Corporation, has launched its new innovative Panasonic emergency LED Lamp – 7w in India. The notable feature of this LED bulb is its in-built lithium-Ion battery. So, the bulb keeps glowing even after power cut.

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This LED bulb is the perfect solution for people who do not use inverters and use emergency lights as a light source after power cut. They can now use this LED bulb as a backup light source. After main power supply fails, the LED bulb starts using its built-in battery and continues to glow.

Tech Specs:

  • Input Voltage: AC 220-240V, 50/60Hz
  • Voltage Operating Range: 120-300 VAC
  • LED Life: 25,000 BH
  • P.F ≥ 0.9
  • CRI: Ra>80

There is no change in its usage and it can be used with existing bulb sockets. So, there is no need to have any specific setup to use it. The battery backup is of up to 2 hours and it claims the burning hours of up to 25,000. You can also use it as a ‘flashlight’ by holding the socket.

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You can fit this LED bulb at several parts of the home like bathroom, bedroom Kitchen and hall.

Panasonic emergency LED Lamp is priced at Rs. 600. The company offers one-year warranty along with the product.

It is worth to note that Syska and Su-Kam like brands already have similar kinds of Emergency LED bulbs with built-n battery for similar price. So, Panasonic already has market competition in this segment.