Vivo India releases official statement on 24MP camera Controversy

vivo v7+
vivo v7+

This weekend, bloggers were busy in blaming Vivo India for its Vivo V7+. Actually, the phone uses Snapdragon 450 chipset. As per its official specifications, this chipset can only use up to 21 MP camera sensor but Vivo V7+ claims to use 24 MP front camera.

So, people started blaming Vivo India for making false claims. We contacted Vivo India for clarification and now we have received the official statement from the company.

We appreciate your interest in Vivo and our products. Vivo would like to reiterate that the new Vivo V7+ front camera sensor is indeed capable of shooting 24MP photos. The Qualcomm website will be updated shortly to include support of this specification. We always guarantee the authenticity of our information, as well as our dedication to innovation and our consumers.

I also suspected if there was an upgrade to Snapdragon 450 and tried contacting Qualcomm for clarification on this matter and still waiting for their reply.

People who are questioning Vivo are not wrong. Qualcomm makes this chipset and its website confirms just 21 MP camera support. If Vivo is confident that Qualcomm’s chipset supports 24 MP camera, we have to wait for an official response from Qualcomm.

You must also note that the benchmarking apps are not 100% accurate. There have been many cases when CPU-Z fails to identify right chipset. So, we should blindly trust on these apps.

Vivo India has put its side and claims that Qualcomm will update its website soon. So, we are waiting for the same.

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