Qualcomm Updates Its website and Clarifies Support for 24 MP Camera in Snapdragon 450

vivo v7+
vivo v7+

After the recent controversy around Vivo V7+, Vivo India was in question for faking the front camera specs of this phone. It was because Qualcomm’s website just mentioned support for 21 MP camera on Snapdragon 450. Vivo India clarified that they are not faking and Qualcomm will soon come with updated specifications of Snapdragon 450.

Now Qualcomm has done its part and has updated the specifications of Snapdragon 450 on its website. Initially, there just “Single Camera up to 21MP” support. Now, “Single Camera up to 21MP @ 30fps, 24MP @ 24fps”.

Snapdragon 450

It should bring some relief for Vivo India who faced lots of negative comments on social media. If this chipset can support up to 24 MP camera, Qualcomm should have already added that on their website.

A Few days back Vivo India launched its Vivo V7+ at an event in Mumbai. The phone boasts 24 MP camera, 5.99-inch Full View display, 16 MP rear camera but it uses mid-range chipset Snapdragon 450. For the price it comes, this chipset looks too weak. And this chipset was the only reason behind the whole controversy. People who questioned the specs were also not wrong. Qualcomm could have fixed this earlier to avoid the whole controversy.

Vivo V7+ is priced at Rs. 21999. It is now available from online and offline stores across the country. Vivo V7+ is also on Amazon.

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