Google Allo gets chat backup/restore, group incognito chats and more

Google Allo
Google Allo


Remember Google Allo? Google’s instant messaging service Allo is getting a number of features to improve your messaging experience. It is rolling out chat backups, Incognito mode for group conversations, and more features to all users.

You can only use Allo on one device. If you want to change the phone and reinstall Allo on the new phone, you had to lose your past conversations. Now Google is adding Chat backup feature that allows users to save your conversations and restore it later.

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Users can save chats either locally or on Google Drive. You can also save it in both locations. You can set the chat backup frequency. You can also decide whether it should include photos and audio messages on the backup if the backup is over cellular data.

It already had incognito chats with end-to-end encryption and ability to send messages with the expiration time. But it was only limited to individual chats. Now, you can go group chats in incognito mode. Google Assistant and Smart Replies are not available in incognito mode.

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Google Allo is also getting rich link previews for URLs posted in chat. Users will be able to see the link preview that includes link title, image, and description before clicking on it.

Google is rolling out these new features to all users across the globally. You should receive these new features any time soon.

Amit Fulay, Head of Product Google Allo, Google Duo & WebRTC confirmed the rollout on Twitter.

What do you think about new additions? Do you think these feature will help Allo to retain its users or attract new users? Google Allo is interesting but people are not ready to leave WhatsApp to try any other instant messaging service.