9 Reasons to Try Google’s New Messaging App Allo

Google Allo

Google’s new messaging App Allo is already number 1 messaging app in Play Store. While Google already had Hangouts, it built Allo from scratch to give users a better messaging experience. People have already started comparing it with WhatsApp, iMessage, and Messenger.

Google Allo is a smart messaging app with few interesting features. Along with rich messaging, it also offers Google’s assistant and smart reply to make your conversations interesting and fun. If you have not yet tried Google Allo, here are few reasons to try Google Allo.

Reasons to Try Google Allo

1. Google Assistant

Google Assistant is the most important reason to try Google’s new messaging app Allo. This AI based assistant helps you in so many things. I can search for something on the web, suggest you places & things, answer your queries and perform most of the tasks on your phone what you could do with Google Now.

This is a list of tasks Google Assistant can do

  • Do a web search
  • Set reminders & Alarms
  • Create Calendar Events
  • Call people
  • Sent text messages
  • Set timer
  • Change settings in your phone
  • Check your emails
  • Get weather reports
  • Calculations
  • Book flights
  • Take notes
  • Check router
  • Search for movie times
  • Search restaurants
  • Launch apps
  • Take selfie
  • Play songs

To talk with Assistant, you only need to start a conversation with @Google. Not just individual chat with assistant, you can also add it to your chats with friends and you and your friend can both talk to assistant and ask it to help you in something.

2. Smart Reply

This is another interesting feature of Allo you will love. Whenever you receive a message, Allo suggests you few possible reply. You can just tap on it to reply from the suggestions. From your messaging behaviour, Allo will learn and improve its suggestions.

Best thing is that notifications itself suggest two possible replies. So, you can quickly reply to messages.

3. Shout & Whisper

Shout & Whisper are two features for text sizes. Shout effect increases the size of text and Whisper reduces the size of the text.

4. Doodle on images

Allo not just allows you sending images but you can also write or draw on pictures before sending.


5. Incognito chats

Incognito chat is another interesting thing of Allo. Incognito chats have option to set expiry time. So, messages after the expiry time will not be available. All your messages in incognito mode are also end-to-end encrypted.


6. Stickers

Like other messaging apps, Allo also comes with support to stickers. Not just available stickers, you also have option to download more stickers from the store.

7. Simple and easy to use

The app is simple and easy to use with nice interface. Although this is not a very big factor, but people generally want to try apps which are easy to use. This is the reason why initial response of users is good and app has already become number 1 messaging app in Play Store.

8. Privacy and security

This is the most acclaimed feature of the app. With Incognito chats, it allows you to have private and secure conversations. All these chats will be end-to-end encrypted. So, no other than you and the person you are talking with can read your messages. With option to set expirty time, you can also make these conversations secure. Even if a person get your phone unlocked, he will not be able to see read your personal messages.

Normal chats are not as secure because Google scans your chats to improve Google assistant. So, we recommend you to use Google Allo if want to share personal and secure data with someone.

9. Cross platform support

Google Allo is now available for both iOS and Android platform. So, you can download and create your account with your phone number.

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