Foldable Samsung Galaxy X to arrive in Second half of 2017

Samsung foldable phone

Samsung has planned to launch 5 Galaxy flagship phones in 2017 including the Galaxy X with the foldable 4K display. We have already seen the prototype of the phone but have no information about the launch or announcement. Now a new report suggests that the phone will be launched in Q3 or Q4 2017.

Samsung’s patent has revealed clear details of the foldable phone along with the sketch of the prototype. We have very few information about the phone.

The phone will feature a foldable display with 4K resolution. The phone will also utilize various biometric forms including fingers, face, and palm. The Galaxy X phone will also feature scrolling functionality and a touch area on the edge of the device.

We are not sure if there will be only one phone or more than one phone in Galaxy X series.

We already know about Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Edge and Note 8 devices. If we including Galaxy X, these are only 4 flagship devices out of 5 rumored flagship phones for 2017. So, we can expect two phones in Galaxy X series.

We still have very less information to share with you. We are sure to get more details as we get close to the official launch of the phone.


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