This is Samsung first foldable phone

Samsung foldable phone
Samsung foldable phone

A Few days back, we reported the Apple’s patent related to the foldable smartphone. Lenovo also shows off the prototype of its first foldable phone few months back. Samsung is also reportedly working on foldable smartphones that could come next year at MWC, but we have no exact proof of this concept phone.

Now we have never seen how this device will look live. A patent application uncovered today shows three renders and one sketch that you can see below.

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This flip phone will have a huge bendable display. In the photos, we can see the hinge that is similar to what we saw in Microsoft’s surface book laptop. After folding the phone, two parts will not be parallel.

This phone will also feature a physical home button similar to other Samsung phones. Front design is similar to older Samsung phone. So, we can assume that Samsung has been working on this project for the long time.

This smartphone will come in the market under the name Galaxy X.