Asus Zenfone 3 Impressions after using it for over 2 months

Zenfone 3

A Few weeks back, I wrote a long in-depth review of Asus Zenfone 3. You should not miss that because It was the longest review article I ever wrote on my blog. Now it has been two months and I am still using this phone due to the awesome experience of the phone. While the phone is available in both 3GB and 4GB RAM variants, I tested the 3GB RAM variant. SO, 4GB RAM is slightly better in terms of multitasking.

Android phones always show performance degradation after the 2-3 months of usage, but this is not the case with this phone even after few ZenUI updates. As I am using this phone without any issue, I thought to write my experience and share with all readers.

Now after 2 months, what I found about this phone can be seen below. Before you read more, you should forget about the price and brand name. Just consider a phone and what it offers.


  • Consistent performance with almost no lags while gaming as well. I like to play NOVA 3, Modern Combat 5 and Asphalt 8 sometimes. Yesterday I also tried newly launched Asphalt Extreme.
  • App crashes sometimes but Zen UI is much better now with the light interface and quick response.
  • The camera is excellent (Not as good in low-light) and recent updates have improved it a lot. With manual mode, you can achieve a lot. Low-light modes sometimes surprised with its excellent ultra-low light shots, but still, it could be better.
  • Battery performance is awesome. Unlike previous Asus phones, this phone seems better in terms of battery performance.
  • The Display is good even in outdoors.
  • The Sound is loud and you can enjoy movies and video songs without even earphones if you are at home.


  • The design is the personal choice of a person and he may like this kind of glass panels or choose a metal unibody design. I hate to clean the fingerprints on the back panel. Few people like this kind of attractive design.
  • Too many pre-installed apps and you will see unexpected apps update regularly.

Overall, I found this a satisfactory phone that can be your long time companion offering you good performance and great camera experience. Not best but satisfactory and you will feel like having a good phone.

Now talk about consumers. What do people expect from their smartphones?

  1. Good performance
  2. Good gaming if they are gamer or they have kids who want to play games
  3. Good battery life
  4. Good camera
  5. Premium design to show off
  6. Good call quality

This phone gets the green signal in all.

Now consider the price and hardware specifications of the phone. At this price, you can get better hardware specifications. OnePlus 3 is still a better choice with 6GB RAM and Snapdragon 820 as compared to Zenfone 3 wih 4GB RAM and Snapdragon 625. Obviously, more RAM and better processor help, but Zenfone 3 is still performing as per my expectations.

Final Words

No doubt this phone is excellent, but this does not seem satisfactory when you look at the price and options you can get in the same price segment. I have compiled a list of best phones in this price segment and found OnePlus 3, Le Max 2, Mi 5 as better rivals. Here, I am considering the 4GB RAM variant as the competitors to these phones.

Now I am repeating the same thing I noted in the review. This phone is overpriced and rivals are not just better on papers but performing well. Asus can increase the sale and give competitors.

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