Is Twitter the new victim of Data breach? Passwords of 32 million Twitter accounts are up for sale


There is yet another big hacking incident. This time, 32 million Twitter credentials are up for sale on dark web. These Twitter credentials may have been stolen by hackers in past. But, we cannot confirm when and how they got this data.

LeakedSource obtained a copy of leaked Twitter accounts from the same person responsible for trading hacked data from

LeakedSource confirmed that the hacked data includes email addresses, usernames, and passwords. It is not confirmed how hacked got this data, but LeakedSource believes that the user credentials were stolen by malware infecting browsers. Twitter was not compromised.

LeakedSource went a step ahead and tried to check the validity of leaked data. It asked the credentials of 15 users to verify their passwords and found all these credentials right. But, experts claims that the whole data cannot be legitimate.

Michael Coates, Twitter’s trust, and information security officer, still believed that Twitter’s systems have not been compromised. Twitter has already stared auditing its data against the recent database dumps and will confirm how this data was leaked.

123456 was the most popular password in this leaked credentials followed by 123456789 and qwerty.

Twitter has yet to confirm if the leaked credentials are authentic, you should change your Twitter password to be on the safer side. Turning on Two-factor authentication also helps in adding one more layer of security to your account and helps even if your data was leaked.


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