Indian Railways partners with Google to offer free Wi-Fi across 400 railway stations


Google Fiber which offers very fast Internet service is now all set to provide its offering in India. Indian Railways partners with Google to offer free Wi-Fi service across 400 railway stations. Google fibre currently offers speed up to 1 Gbps in Kansas city in the USA. I am not sure if India will also get the same Internet speed, but still it will be better than speed other Internet Service providers offer.

Google has collaborated with Railtel to use the existing Infrastructure to start the work. Initially, users will get 30 minutes of high-speed service and after that speed will be reduced. Google has already started the testing of pilot project under the codename ‘Project Nilgiri’. Service will be made available to users after phone number verification through OTP sent to phone via SMS.

Google Wifi in Indian railway

This service will be rolled out in phases and we do not have exact time-frame for the launch of this service.

If we see the current scenario, services like MTS and Oxygen provide Wi-Fi service at railway and metro stations. But this is just in very selected regions of urban regions. Google’s entry will surely bring a revolutionary change in India’s broadband segment. At this moment, Indian railways offers Wi-Fi connectivity in running trains for selected trains like Rajdhani express. Initially Google will provide services in stations and in phase 2 Google will offer service in moving trains.

Last year, we also reported that Google Fiber may come to India by the end of 2015 as Indian government is in initial talk with the company to officially come in India. Now, we know that Google has already started testing its service in India. Once Google has done with Railway project, we can expect it to enter into public broadband service. This will surely bring serious competition in India. Ultimately customers will get benefits.

This government is very serious on connecting every corner of India to Internet. From the very first day, it started meeting with BSNL officials to bring improvements in existing internet services infrastructure. Government is already forcing telecom companies to fix the call drop issues as soon as possible. Recently, BSNL has also confirmed the minimum broadband speed to 2 MBPS. Most of the telecom companies have already prepared to bring 4G services across the country by the end of this year.

What do you think about Google’s entry in Indian internet services? Do you think that it will improve the internet conditions in India?

Image and News Source: Telecomtalk