“Must – Have” Apps for Android as listed by Google

“Must-Have” Apps for Android as listed by Google

There are many apps for Android in every category. All these apps can get in Play store and you need to browse millions of apps to get the apps which suits best for your Android device. So, there are plenty of apps available in the store. Google has done the great job in scanning all those millions of apps and brought us the Must Have apps for Android devices. There are more than 125 “Must-Have” Apps for Android as listed by Google. Even though you have missed some of the best apps, Google has brought them to you in this list.

“Must-Have” Apps for Android as listed by Google

 Almost all apps in this list are free. There are already known apps like Pushbullet, Netflix, news sources apps, eBay and other apps as well. There are also other apps which most of us are not aware of, but you can get most of the benefit from them. Some of the apps from this list are,

  1. Pushbullet
  2. Rival Knights.
  3. Hulu.
  4. Flipboard.
  5. Shazam.
  6. We Heart It.
  7. Facetune.
  8. Sound Cloud.
  9. Kindle.
  10. Pocket.

There are many more apps in this list. You can find the entire list HERE.

Have you use any apps from the list of “Must-Have” apps for Android as listed by Google? Does any app got missed from the list. Please, do share with us through comments.

Source: Google Play Sore.

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