Nokia will release a low-cost Android Phone, says reports


Nokia may launch a low-budget Android Phone later this month at the Mobile World Congress to be held in Barcelona on 24th February. Until now Lumia series of Nokia phones used Microsoft’s Windows operating system given that Nokia has a partnership with Microsoft.


This is the first time that the Finnish company has decided to develop a phone that uses Google’s worldwide popular operating system Android. The phone to be released is targeted to the developing markets. Nokia’s Android phone is code named Normandy and can be released in the market as Nokia X.

However, the phone is said to be unavailable to use Google Play, the official online app store of Google. It will run services provided by Nokia and Microsoft such as Here Maps and Mix Radio.

According to analytic researchers, 79% of the smartphone round the globe use Android platform, 15% use Apple Inc.’s iOS platform and only an insignificant 4% run on Microsoft’s Windows operating system.

Nokia’s low budget phone to be launched very soon will give a tough competition to the company’s like Micromax, Xolo. Before the era of smartphones, people worldwide had a trust on Nokia mobile phones (if you remember the lol photos shared on Facebook) and Nokia phone sales topped the list year after year.

The trend of smartphones gave a setback to the company. Its sales plummeted. Nokia Lumia too is not quite a success. Hence the decision of launching an Android phone may be taken.

It remains to be seen if the mobile can attract customers because company’s like Xolo, Micromax, Spice are luring customers with full touch Android phones with all the Google services which Nokia phone will not provide.