Google Sheets Becomes Faster, Gets Offline Editing

Google Sheets Becomes Faster

Today, Google has announced a big update to Google Sheets. Now users can create and edit spreadsheets offline with Google Sheets on Google Drive. Google also claims that new Google Sheets is larger, faster and comes with new features.

Most notable feature added is the ability of offline working. Like Google Docs and slides, now you can create and edit spreadsheets offline. When you reconnect to the internet, all edits will automatically sync. If you have used Docs and slides offline, you can start using offline sheets too. Of not, you need to follow one-time instructions for Google Sheets offline.

New Spreadsheet comes with millions of cells and works faster. Earlier, it was limited to 256 columns and 400,000 cells. It we compare it with Microsoft’s Excel Web App, new Google sheets are faster and smoother. Now, you can easily work on complex sheets.

This update also comes with new easier way of making sheets in collaboration. Google has added a new filter views feature. SO, you can create your own custom views that is visible only to you. Previously, whenever you change the view of spreadsheet, everybody you collaborated with saw the same spreadsheet view.

Google Sheets

Another small update is that text now automatically starts flowing in next adjacent cell. You do not need to merge it manually. Now it is easier to set up and perform calculations. It will also show function help and examples guide to help you when you start typing. Errors will also be highlight to make it easy to spot mistakes.

One thing to note is that all new features including offline editing will work with new spreadsheets you create. Old one still show up old sheets format and can not take offline editing feature advantage.

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