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Metaverse Games

Ever since Metaverse has been announced it has gathered quite a spotlight. People are all over it, many have been figuring out different ways to be a part of this world. Fortunately, the real-world and the virtual world have found some common grounds in order to participate in this new era which is Gaming.

So, here today I have compiled a list of top 10 Metaverse games but before we get into it, let us first discuss what is the concept of METAVERSE or ( in the sense ) the definition of the Metaverse. So Metaverse is a concept of virtual online, 3D space that enables multiple users to do whatever they can on that platform. The connection is similar to a web browser which helps us to access an arbitrary number of websites. I believe this concept was first developed in the science-fiction novel Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. However, at that time this concept (or idea) was just fiction to people but now it is very close to becoming a reality.

Now let’s talk about what gaming in the Metaverse is all about. In Metaverse, every user controls their customizable character. In it, people can interact with each other. Live example of this will be on games like Fortnite, Minecraft where people gather to make their town, socialize, etc. For playing Metaverse games, you need to have a good internet connection. Since Metaverse deals with a virtual world, you need to be always online and have a reliable internet connection. Although some Metaverse games do not require a virtual reality headset, most of these games require one. The best metaverse games can be accessed through a VR headset. If you want the best experience, get Oculus Quest 2. You also need to have a mid-tier PC or a good smartphone to open the Metaverse space. Blockchain-based Metaverse games also require you to have a blockchain wallet. You also need to acquire cryptocurrencies to purchase things in Metaverse.

Now let’s go toward our list.

NOTE: List not based on ranking!


It is among the best Metaverse games right now in the world. It offers the user a virtual world in which users can show their creativity by building their world, having its own. It is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Despite being in the early stage of development sandbox has been successful in attracting players with its appealing design and gaming experience.
In the sandbox, ownership is given to users in the form of NFTs (non-fungible tokens), and in addition, it gives rewards to users to participate in-game environment i.e., it has a play-to-earn environment. Because of this sandbox has been able to acquire a 7% market ($4.5 billion)!

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This originated in 2018 and has gained huge popularity recently. It became a lifesaver for many unemployed people. Users played the game for earning NFTs as rewards and traded them for better returns. It was inspired by Pokémon, each axie is a unique creature with specific features, can battle other axies in-game, breed new axies, and earn rewards. Its market cap is nearly $4.4 billion.

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It is a football NFT game developed on the Ethereum blockchain. Over 180 football clubs are officially registered on Sorare, with more clubs joining the platform oncoming time. Users buy cards on it and create their favorite team. Users in over 40 countries can easily purchase it using either debit, credit, or bank transfer.

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It is an open-world RPG game developed on the Ethereum blockchain. It revolves around exploring the vast virtual world, collecting powerful entities known as “illuvials”. It has already gained a market cap of $1 billion only on clips of actual gameplay. Its ecosystem is filled with colors and with promising details in the future.

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It is the first blockchain ecosystem offering blockchain-enabled services in different games. The prominent highlight of an ultra is that it can easily handle 12,000 transactions per second. Users can access services such as discovering, purchasing, playing and selling in-game items. Ultra features its token known as $UOS for earning rewards in the form of super rare NFTs. $UOS is available on uni swap, bancor network, etc.

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6. GALA (gala):

It is a gaming platform that is partially owned and operated by users. They can earn gala tokens by playing. Gala is a “non-refundable utility token” that can be used as money in it. GALA has a market cap of around $2.4 billion.


It is also Ethereum based virtual reality platform where users can buy, build, and buy plots of virtual land. It uses 2 money tokens-MANA and LAND where, MANA can be used to acquire LAND tokens, avatars, names, etc. on the decentraland marketplace. It has a huge market cap of around $5.7 billion.

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It was formed by META (before Facebook). It is a social experience in which meta users can get together, explore unknown areas, play interactive puzzles. It also allows users to create their worlds and have fun inside them with their avatar.

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It is a game that will not require a VR headset. This has also gained popularity recently and be a place where multiple users millions of people live their secondary life. They enable users to create their block-sized characters and play n number of different games. The most exciting feature about ROBLOX is that you can marry someone and live a family. If you’re looking for a simple yet fun Metaverse game, check out Roblox.

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It is a metaverse that is available for a long time now. Just like its name, it gives users a second life i.e., giving players a chance to create an avatar just like a real player and live there as “residents”. It has a virtual marketplace in which people can buy, sell and trade in-game items. Items range from virtual furniture, clothing, cars, and even real estate. These transactions use LINDEN dollars which can be bought using real money.

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Wrap Up

That’s it for the list today. I think, what we are witnessing right now is one of the best technologies around the world. Past years have been rough and people were forced to move things online thus creating an online environment. Metaverse is just a glimpse of what the future has to offer and it seems promising to me. While there are still many years to witness such a marvelous future, you can participate in the movement with games.

I hope you liked the list and if I missed a title that you think should have been made into this, feel free to comment. I will surely update the list in the future.
Thanks for reading!

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