3 Best Journal Apps for Android | 2018

Journal Apps for Android
Journal Apps for Android


Writing and keeping a daily journal is a good hobby. It could change your life in a positive way. Journalling is the good way to remember little and important things in life. Also, it gives you a way to look back to your precious memories.

Now, as everything is going digital so why not your journal. Smart journal app is the new trend to keep your memories alive. These digital journal app also have a feature to add media like photos, audios, and videos. Also, it automatically adds place and temperature to your diary entry.

Below is the list of best Journal Apps for Android to make your memories live for forever. You can use any of them to make your diary.

Best Journal Apps for Android

1. Journey – Diary, Journal

Journey Journal app

The journey is the best journal app for android with great features and simple to look. This app is very easy to use. You can record your daily events, secret, and activities on this app.  It is most trustworthy diary app. The journey is a perfect journaling companion which keeps your private memories for the lifetime. It gives you full control of your private diary by storing them in Google Drive sync.

You can sync this journal app across multiple platforms like android phone, tablet, Chromebook, mac and windows laptops. You can add photos or video and pen your thoughts with this best diary app. It automatically adds weather and places to the journal entry.

You can secure your journal with PIN or password or fingerprint locking. So that no one can peek and read your personal diary without your permission. This private diary app for android can connect to Google Fit to record your fitness.

You can also share your journal entry on social media. This journal app can import entries from Diaro, Evernote, and DayOne. You can also export this diary to Word docs and print to PDF. need to upgrade to premium version to enjoy all features in the app.

Journey journaling app is my personal favorite. You will never regret installing this personal diary app.

Note: Few of these features like media and audio entry are available only in the premium version.

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2. Penzu

Panzu best personal diary apps

Penzu is the popular free journal app in which you can write entries, add photos, and make some tweaks to the format. You can also use this app as a notepad. This diary app is the best place to keep your most private and precious thoughts safe and secure. It can syncs to the web and other mobile platforms for free. Also, you can sync journals with Penzu cloud for free

You can enjoy unlimited journaling with this Android app. This app gives you the authority to customize your journal covers, lock journals with a password, encrypt your journals, add photos, add tags and write offline. You can also set reminders and receive reminder alerts to write.

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Penzu is a diary and personal journal with a unique and compelling user experience. The main focus of this app is on privacy. Your journal and your thoughts are safe in this private diary app.

This app is free to download but requires a free Penzu account in order to start writing. There is also a premium version. You can upgrade to Penzu Pro for $4.99 per month or $19.99 per year.

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3. Diaro – Diary, Journal, Notes

Diaro - Diary apps, Journal apps

Diaro is the digital journal app for android that is very easy to use and also secure. It is to record your memories, activities, daily events, experiences, thoughts, secrets and ideas. Like other apps, it also has synchronization option to sync data across all your devices. This app helps you in organizing your diary/journal entries or memories from the past in the easiest way.

This Diaro Journal app uses folder and tags to save the data so that you can easily find diary entries by any keyword in the title or text. You can filter your search by date, folder, tags or location.Multilingual UI (30+ languages)

It has different UI colors and multilingual UI that supports more than 30 languages. You can secure your entries with a PIN, Security code or fingerprint. There is an option to swipe between entries. Attach & store an unlimited amount of photos.

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You can attach & store an unlimited amount of photos. This diary app has an option of cloud storage in Dropbox. You can share your entries and photos via email, SMS, Twitter, etc. It also has automatic geotagging for new entries. Export your entries to PDF file

The app also has export options to PDF file and import option to import data from Evernote, Catch Notes, Flava, Day One apps.

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Note: Day One is the best journal app for iOS and will be available soon for Android. We will update this list as soon as this journal app will available in Play Store.

These are the top three best personal diary apps for android to save your journal digitally forever. You can use any of these three. If you know about any other my diary app that is as good as these journal apps, do tell us.