3 Best Apps that work well with Apple’s Health Kit

health Apps
health Apps

Apple gives the good news for those who are more conscious about their health. Along with the latest release of iOS 8, Apple introduced the new application by name Health. It is to keep track of your health and to let you know how fit you are. It gives full information about your health regarding calories burnt, distance walked and other useful health information. Apart from this app, there are some other apps which are developed by some developers that work very well with Apple’s Health Kit. Here are 3 best such apps for iOS 8.

health Apps

1. UP:

UP uses the data from UP tracker if you have it installed in your device. It gathers and pulls data from it and displays it on the screen. It works closely with the health app, connects with it and shares the data along with that health kit. It has a good User Interface and the data is shown in a user friendly manner. You can see the data in the Health app itself. It shows how much distance you have walked today; you can track your diet and more. It also tracks your sleeping time and lets you know whether you want more hours to sleep or whether you are over sleeping. It is for free of cost.

UP Health App

2. Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker:

Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker is developed by myfitnesspal. If you want to set the target to burn some calories for a month and any other plan, you can do that in this app. It takes the data from your app on daily basis and will let you know how fit you are, based on your target which was set before. You can even change your diet plan whenever needed. Data is available with this app and you can connect it to Health app at anytime. It also shows the number of calories to be burnt to reach your goal. It is available for free of cost.

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal

3. WebMD:

WebMD is well known for health blogs. It is familiar to those, who regularly read health blogs. It gives you the information which will help you on knowing the type of disease you are suffering from; based on the symptoms you provide to the app. This app also gives you the free fitness tips which when followed show the expected result. It provides information of almost anything including cause of knee pain or neck pain. It is integrated with the Health app. Select one of the body parts shown to know what causes pain in that part of body. It also provides various health magazines, various medicines available and everything related to the health. It is available for free of cost and must need app.


These are the best 3 apps that can be collaborated well with Apple’s health kit. As every one of us want to be healthy and are most concerned about our health, these apps would give you more information to stay fit. If you have any more apps serving the same purpose, please do share with us through comments.


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