5 Tips to Improve Your Laptop’s Battery Life


Like smartphones, Laptop is also an important part of our daily life. generally a laptop gives 3-5 hours of battery backup if it is full charged. But it also depends on the usage. There are few important things that can help you in improving the battery backup and battery life of your laptop. If you thinks your laptop is not giving good battery backup, you can try these important tips to improve battery backup. It will also help you to improve battery life too.

Tips to Increase Laptop battery

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5 tips to improve your laptop’s battery life

1. Keep Brightness Low if Possible

Like smartphones and tablets, laptop screen also consumes too much power. So, you can keep brightness as low as possible. After reducing the brightness of the screen, you will sure see improvement in the battery backup.

2. Avoid Overheating

When laptop overheats, it consumes more power because the internal fan runs faster. So, try to keep your laptop away from heat. Keep it cooler and close unnecessary programs to reduce number of process running. More processes use More CPU that generates more heat.

3. Use Hibernate

You should use hibernate in place of standby. At Hibernate mode, it saves the state of your laptop and shuts down to save power. Thus it is better to prefer over standby mode if you want to save battery.

4. Remove External Devices if not in use

Any external device plugged into the USB port draws power from your laptop. If you are on battery power, you should remove all USB devices like USB mouse, external HDD and Pen drive to save power.

5. Use Battery Plans in Windows

Windows Operating system comes with built-in battery plans to adjust your power settings, You can choose any of battery plan and adjust when to turn off display, hard-disk, network and Usb. It also improves battery backup.

These are few tips that you can follow to improve battery life.