Xiaomi Mi LED Smart Bulb Review

Mi LED Smart Bulb
Mi LED Smart Bulb

Xiaomi is not just a smartphone company. It made lots of tech and non-tech products. Back in April, the company launched its Mi LED Smart Bulb in India and began crowdfunding. I got it delivered recently and started using to see if it is worth to buy. Here is my Mi LED Smart Bulb Review.

Xiaomi Mi LED Smart Bulb

Mi LED Smart Bulb Review

The Xiaomi Mi LED Smart Bulb looks like any other LED bulb available I market. But it is a connected device you can control using your phone. It has basically three parts. First is the main area having light scattering plastic dome that house circuit board. The second is a plastic-clad aluminum structure that allows better insulation and higher heat dissipation. The third part is the E27 base for the power connection. This E27 base is not compatible with traditional Indian bulb sockets that are B22 type. You can either replace one of your sockets with E27 type or buy an E27 to B22 adapter.

Here are some recommended E27 to B22 adapter.

Setting up the bulb is simple. Install the Mi Home app and pair the bulb to control it using the app. You will be asked to log in to your You need to first reset the bulb before it pairs with your phone. You can do this by turning the bulb on and off for five times with a 2-second gap in between. Then it will be shown in the Mi Home app to pair. You will also be asked to select a Wi-Fi network and enter its password to connect the Bulb to your network.

The bulb emits 800 lumens of light and consumes 10W energy. It is bright enough to use in the reading room or drawing room.

After the successful pairing, you can use the app to control the brightness and Light’s color of the LED bulb. You can adjust the color temperature from 1700K to 6500K. The app also lets you change the colors by using the color picker. You have 16 million color options to choose from. Actions you select on the app are reflected instantly. As soon as you select a new color or change the brightness, changes are noticeable on the LED bulb within a fraction of second.

When you feel. Color and intensity combination right for you, you can tap on the Heart icon on the top right of the screen to save it as a favorite. Next time you can use the same at one tap.

The app also has lots of other options include an option to set schedules to automatically turn on or off the bulb at specific time intervals. You can also set a timer to turn the bulb off automatically.

The most notable feature of this LED bulb is that you can also control it using Google’s Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. Use voice commands to turn it on/off, change color and increase/decrease brightness. You can also combine multiple commands in one. Like ask Assistant to turn the bulb on and change the color in a single sentence and it does the job. In Google assistant, it also works fine if you use Hindi voice commands.

Xiaomi’s Mi LED smart Bulb is definitely a worth to try light bulb for having a different kind of experience. It will be competing against other similar lights from other known brands such as Philips, Syska, Wipro and few more. As compared to other smart LED bulbs in the market, it is cheaper and works fine. As the bulb is compatible with Alexa and Assistant, you can control it using voice commands.

Xiaomi sold it as Rs. 999 during Crowdfunding, but the regular price for Indian market Rs. 1299. Currently, it is not available but soon it will be back in stock and will be available via mi.com,


Mi LED smart Bulb

8.2 Score

"Xiaomi's Mi LED smart Bulb is definitely a worth to try light bulb for having a different kind of experience."

The Good

  • Quick Response
  • Easy to install and setup
  • Option to save colours or temperatures
  • Alexa/Google Assistant Support

The Bad

  • E27 base


  • Design & Build 80%
  • Performance 70%
  • Features 80%
  • Value for money 80%