How to Delete a Reddit Account Permanently


Reddit is a popular social media platform for discussions. People discuss and put their views on different topics. Millions of users actively use this platform and find it useful. Like other social media platforms, Reddit also becomes part of controversies from time to time. Several subreddits also create outrage. Sometimes people may also want to reduce their online presence and delete their accounts from platforms they no longer use. So, there could be several reasons why you may want to leave the platform. Whatever the reason, if you want to delete your Reddit account permanently, keep reading. In this article, I will explain how to deactivate Reddit account and how to Delete Reddit account.

If you are a Reddit Premium subscriber, you need to first cancel your Reddit Premium subscription before deleting Reddit account. For this, go to User Settings and navigate to the Subscriptions section. Here, cancel Reddit Premium. You can also do this from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

How to temporarily deactivate Reddit account?

There is no way you can temporarily deactivate your Reddit account and then come back again. You can either keep using it or leave the platform permanently. So, the only thing you can do is permanently Delete your Reddit account. There is no such thing as deactivating the Reddit account.

How Delete Reddit Account Permanently?

The option to Delete the Reddit account can be found as the option to Deactivate the Reddit account. On Reddit, deactivating Reddit account means deleting Reddit account.  Before you learn how to delete Reddit account, you should know that deleting/deactivating a Reddit account doesn’t delete any posts or comments. If you delete/deactivate your account, all your comments and posts will still be there.

Open Reddit and log into your Reddit account. Now, open the Account Settings page and scroll down to the last. Here click Deactivate Account.

How deactivate Reddit account

In case you created the account with Google or Apple login, you need to first disconnect Google account or Apple ID.

After clicking Deactivate Account, Reddit will ask to confirm why you are Deactivating your account. Enter the reason along with Reddit credentials for security purposes.

Delete Reddit Account

It will once again ask to confirm if you want to Deactivate. Click Deactivate.

Delete Reddit Account

Now you will be logged out of your account and your Reddit account will be permanently deleted.

If you change your mind in the future, you will have to create a new Reddit account with a different username. You cannot sign up to Reddit with the same username as before. The older username won’t be given to any other user.

Does deleting a Reddit account delete all data?

Yes, deleting your Reddit account permanently deletes all your data associated with the Reddit account. The data includes posts, comments, messages, and any other activity.

Can I delete my Reddit account and make a new one?

Yes, you can delete your Reddit account and create a new one using the same email address or a different one.

Can I reuse my email if I delete my Reddit account?

Yes, you can reuse the same email address to create a new Reddit account after deleting your old one.

How do I unlink my Reddit from Gmail?

To unlink your Reddit account from Gmail, you can simply delete your Reddit account. This will remove the connection between your Reddit account and your Gmail address.

Wrap Up

Now you know how to permanently delete Reddit account. As I already said, there is no way to temporarily deactivate Reddit account. All social media platforms allow users to delete their accounts. Some platforms offer clear and easy steps while some make it really hard. On Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook, it takes 30 days before your account is deleted. On many platforms, it is just a single click. We have talked about several other platforms on this website. So, use the links below to learn how to delete accounts from other social media platforms.

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