Qualcomm announces Snapdragon X70 Modem

Snapdragon X70 Modem
Snapdragon X70 Modem


At MWC 2022, Qualcomm has announced the new Snapdragon X70 modem with increased uplink and downlink speeds. This modem also has AI capabilities and has world-first in a modem-RF system.

Snapdragon X70 Modem comes with a new AI suite that can enhance 5G speeds, coverage, latency, and power efficiency for both sub-6GHz bandwidths and mmWave. The modem boasts up to 10 Gbps peak download speed and 3.5 Gbps peak upload speed.

Qualcomm also claims that the modem has up to 60% power efficiency improvements. This could be possible due to Qualcomm 5G PowerSave Gen 3 and multi-antenna optimizations. AI also plays an important role in power savings across the board.

Snapdragon X70 modem is expected to power devices by the end of this year.

Modem Name: Snapdragon X70 5G Modem-RF System

  • Peak Download Speed: 10 Gbps
  • Peak Upload Speed: 3.5 Gbps
  • Cellular Modem-RF Specs: 1020 MHz aggregation, 300 MHz aggregation (5G sub-6 GHz), 800 MHz aggregation (mmWave), 900 MHz aggregation
  • Performance Enhancement Technologies: Qualcomm® Smart Transmit 2.0 technology, Qualcomm® Wideband Envelope Tracking, Qualcomm® AI-Enhanced Signal Boost adaptive antenna tuning
  • Cellular Technology: 5G Dual Connectivity, 5G NR, Comprehensive 4x CA (FDD and TDD), DSDA, FDD, mmWave MSIM, SA, TDD, Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS), LAA, mmWave, NSA (non-standalone), sub-6 GHz, WCDMA, LTE, LTE including CBRS support, TD-SCDMA, GSM/EDGE
  • Multi SIM: Dual-SIM Dual-Active (DSDA) 5G+5G and 5G+4G, Global 5G Multi-SIM, LTE Dual SIM Dual Active (mmWave), mmWave Multi SIM (mmWave) FR1+FR2 DC