Sony launches a wearable Air Conditioner

Sony Wearable AC
Sony Wearable AC

Sony has developed a new kind of portable AC that can be carried in a pocket and used on the Go. The company calls it Reon Pocket. It is smaller than a smartphone and releases cool air.

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Sony has used Peltier element for this AC that is generally used in car and wine coolers. It works with a battery and connects to your phone via Bluetooth. You can adjust the temperature using your phone.

Sony claims that the device can cool a user’s body temperature by 13 degrees Celsius. It can also raise your temperature by about 8 degrees Celsius in cold days.

A fully charged battery keeps this device running for 90 minutes and the battery takes 2 hours in charging.

There are two versions: the Reon Pocket Standard and Reon Pocket Lite. The latter one is cheaper but only comes in manual mode operation. The standard one lets you control the temperature via smartphone.

It is only available in Japan. The cost of this portable AC is 14,080 yen that also includes the cost if undershirt. The innerwear for the wearable air conditioner will be available for men and comes in ‘S’, ‘M’ and ‘L’ sizes. There’s a pocket inside the neck where the device can be inserted.


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