Now you can send GIFs in Instagram Direct


Instagram’s new update brings ability to send GIFs in Instagram Direct. So you can express yourself in a better way while messaging your friends on Instagram.

Now you will see a new GIF icon in message box. Tapping on it will open the GIF box to show you trending GIFs. You can swipe through to see what’s currently trending or search using keywords. When you find the best one, you can tap on it to send. The Library of GIFs are powered by GIPHY.

Instagram Direct

Instagram also has a ‘random’ option to further make this feature interesting. When you type something in search bar, simply tap “random” to send a random GIF associated with what you’ve searched.

Instagram has also included an option to see the creator of GIF and other GIFs created by the creator. So, you can always see who’s creation you are sharing.

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GIFs in direct is now available globally in latest version of the Instagram app for both Android and iOS. The update will reach you shortly.



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