Huawei’s Upcoming Products in India to Come with Advanced AI Capabilities


For past few months, we have been listening to a term ‘Artificial Intelligence’ a lot. Almost every company is talking about this as it has big impact on user experience. Now Huawei seems big aggressive and confirms to user AI to provide best ever experience on mobile phones for Indian consumers.

Huawei’s upcoming products in India will come with advanced AI capabilities. It is also focusing on innovation and customer research to improve the overall user experience of its products.

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AI has made our smartphone lot more smarter. It is also estimated that over 90% of end users of smartphones will benefit from AI services by 2025. We have already seen how AI and machine learning can do a lot more things with minimal hardware. AI understands your need to optimise your experience. AI boosts performance, energy efficiency, network connectivity, and more.

Huawei’s new-generation chipset Kirin 970 features dedicated NPU with intelligent computing capability. AI aims to enable broader use of AI technology with this chipset. As Huawei uses its custom EMUI, its developer have made it in the way to leverage AI capabilities of Kirin chipset.

Huawei’s GPU Turbo is another good example. It uses AI to ensure real-time image and sound recognition for better gaming experience. As per claims, it boosts graphics performance by around 60 percent while reducing the energy consumption by around 30 percent.

It is worth to note that India is a big market and has always been important for Huawei. The company has its R&D centre in Bangalore with 3000 employees. It is the biggest R&D centre of Huawei outside China. This center will be used to create India specific AI-related solutions