Airtel and Huawei Conduct India’s First 5G Trial

5G India
5G India

Bharti Airtel and Huawei announced that they have successfully conducted 5G network trial under a test set-up in India. It was conducted at Airtel’s Network Experience Centre in Manesar (Gurugram).

“This is small but a very significant step in our journey towards 5G. The promise of 5G is endless, it will be a game changer and, it will change the way we live, work and engage. We look forward to work closely with our partners for developing a robust 5G ecosystem in India,” Abhay Savargaonkar, Director – Networks, Bharti Airtel said.

During the test, they got success in achieving throughput of more than 3Gbps and approximately 1 millisecond latency on the 3.5GHz band. It was also the highest measured throughput for a mobile network in 3.5 GHz band with 100 MHz bandwidth.

India’s early move towards 5G is notable as the country has huge population and already saw delay in roll out of 4G. Still, the country is suffering from sluggish 4G networks.

India plans to roll out 5G services for consumers by 2020. The government has also set up a high-level forum back in September this year to evaluate and approve roadmaps and action plans to bring 5G in India.


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