Microsoft’s Cortana cannot identify songs anymore

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Microsoft never got success in music segment. It closed Groove Music service last year and moved users to Spotify. Now it has reportedly removed the song identification feature of Cortana. Microsoft’s smart assistant can no longer recognize individual songs.

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Previously users could press the Cortana’s music icon to identify a song when it is playing in the background. Now, Cortana has no Groove library to check songs against. So, it says “Song unrecognized” and informs users that the feature has been retired.

Later one of Microsoft’s Cortana Team Engineer also confirmed on Twitter by saying, “What you are seeing is expected. Due to the shutdown of the Groove Music service, Cortana music recognition has also been retired.”

I am sure you can also understand why the feature was dropped. When it has no library to back this feature, it cannot help.

It is also worth to note that song recognition app Shazam is also not available on Windows sore. So, Windows users can no longer use the song identification. Here is the list of services that lets you find What song is this?. See if there is anything that can work for you.


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