Bengaluru To Get Public Hotspots By January 26th

The state government of Karnataka will unveil public Wifi hotspots in Bengaluru on the upcoming Republic Day. An Economic Times report confirmed that Bengaluru will get around 5000 public hotspots before the Assembly elections.

People of Bengaluru will get free access for the first 30 minutes. If they want to use it beyond the free minutes, they will have to pay the commercial rates fixed by TRAI.

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For these public hotspots, the government also has got support from Indus Towers, Honeycomb, D-VoiS Communications, and ACT Fibernet. Indus Towers has offered to set up 173 smart poles all over Karnataka. From these smart poles, 140 will be in Bengaluru. Honeycomb and D-VoiS have offered to install hotspots at 2,555 locations each in Bengaluru, Mysuru, and Kalaburagi. ACT Fibernet will set up hotspots at 1,000 spots in Bengaluru and Mysuru.

Karnataka Government had been planning WiFi hotspots in Bengaluru for some time but was delayed for some reasons. After the Information technology minister Priyank Kharge took over, he pushed this initiative to roll out Hotspots as soon as possible. Finally, we have a confirmed date.


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