Microsoft’s new iPhone app helps blind people see the world

Seeing AI
Seeing AI

Microsoft has launched a new interesting app Seeing AI that claims to be a ‘talking camera for the blind’. This app is for blind and low vision people to see the world properly. The app is really interesting and perfectly explains what it see in a photo.

The company already showed off a prototype back in March this year. Now the final version of the app is available for iOS users.

The app uses the camera and artificial intelligence to read documents, provide audio guidance to capture a printed page, scans barcodes, see facts, recognize objects in photos and more. This app can identify a product based on its barcode, person based on face and identifying characteristics. While recognizing a document, it tells the structure such as headings, paragraphs, and lists. So, you can rapidly skip through the document using voiceover.

I tested this app and found it pretty impressive. You can add recognizable faces of known people and it will tell you if the person is around. The app also offers tutorials to learn how to use it.

The app is now available in United States, Canada, India, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Singapore. If you are living in any of these countries, you can download this app for free from App store. The app supports iPhone 5s/5C or newer.

Seeing AI app for iOS