Instagram Is Finally Getting Mute Button

Instagram mute posts
Instagram mute posts

Instagram is now adding an option that people have been waiting for long. Instagram is adding a Mute button.

If you Mute a profile, you will stop seeing posts from that profile on your Instagram feed. Other person will never know if you have muted his/her profile. Not just posts, you can also mute stories.

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To mute someone, just tap on options menu (three vertical dots on Android and three horizontal dots on iOS) and select “Mute Posts” or “Mute Posts and Story”.¬†You can always visit the person’s profile to see the posts.

Twitter and Facebook have this option for long and it was long due on Instagram.

This feature is useful when you are following a person out of courtesy but you are not interested in getting any of their posts on your Instagram feed.

Adding mute button is a good feature and users will surely appreciate this addition. Instagram users are also asking for chronological newsfeed that Instagram changed to algorithmic.

The option is not yet available to all and the company will be rolling out to all Instagram users over the next few weeks. If you cannot see this option, you need to be patient and wait for few days.