Google Rolls Out Fact Check Tag Across News and Search Results

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For past few months, most of us have been debating for fake news issue on Internet and social media. Not everything you read on Internet is true. Anyone can start a website to spread a lie and one can be easily misguided.

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To solve this issue, Google announced “Fact Check” tag in Google News for news stories last year with partners at Jigsaw. This label identifies articles that include information verified by publishers and fact-checking organizations. So, you can trust on those stories. But this was only limited roll out to specific countries.

After initial testing and success, now this “Fact Check“ tag will be available to everywhere around the globe. Not just news, Google has also started rolling out this tag to search on Google.

Facebook also has disputed tag to notify users about stories that could be false. Google has adopted an algorithmically driven approach. It is also encouraging publishers to use ClaimReview markup on web pages. If a Google News publisher does not follow the criteria for ClaimReview, it will be removed from Google News.

Google has confirmed that it is working with 115 fact-checking organizations to source fact and data.



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